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ITRC: T-3 Hasta La Vista, Bodyfat

Prepare to be terminated. The more thyroid hormone available, the greater the cellular enzyme output, and the faster you?ll burn fat.

Listen closely because this article is going to reveal some little-known, almost secret facts about thyroid hormone, a piece of the fat-burning puzzle so overlooked that even many pro bodybuilders have trouble putting it in place at showtime. In fact, coming in ‘soft’ is the number-one fear of every bodybuilder who’s ever carried armor-plated muscle onstage. Being called smooth is like someone talkin’ trash about your mom’you just don’t want to hear it. Thanks to ground-breaking research on a new thyroid-hormone-stimulating compound called T-3, however, the fear of being smooth will vanish. That’s because T-3 takes the fat-burning process to a level well beyond standard thermogenics.

Before we go into detail on how T-3 was scientifically formulated, though, you need to know more about the thyroid gland so you can understand how thyroid hormones work. It is one of several endocrine glands in the body that function primarily to secrete metabolism-regulating hormones. The word hormone in Greek means ‘to arouse.’ For example, the hormones testosterone and growth hormone arouse muscle growth by rapidly increasing the protein-turnover rate, or protein synthesis. And as every hard-training bodybuilder knows, the more abundant those hormones are (within reasonable limits), the more abundant the increases in muscle size.

The thyroid gland’s job is to secrete thyroid hormone, which leads to an increase in enzymes that control all cellular processes. That has a direct correlation to the rate of your metabolism, or how fast you burn calories. So the more thyroid hormone available, the greater the cellular enzyme output, and the faster you’ll burn fat.

How much thyroid hormone you naturally secrete is genetic, which explains the rare ‘thyroid freak’ who gets shredded on 10,000 calories of junk a day, as well as the one who gets fat just watching McDonald’s TV commercials. But here’s where it gets a little scary. Like athletes who use extreme anabolics to get shredded, many pros and state-level amateurs try to alter their genetics by taking prescription thyroid drugs. And shredded they do get: How about 295 at 2.8 percent bodyfat? That’s beyond freaky! But even freakier is how bad they’re going to look after all that synthetic thyroid hormone starts to permanently shut down their natural thyroid function. Blunted natural thyroid output could indeed turn them into people who get fat just watching TV commercials.

Thanks to T-3, though, bodybuilders can experience vastly elevated thyroid hormone levels without any shutdown of their natural production. That’s because T-3 makes your thyroid gland produce more thyroid hormone on a continual basis. It also has the unique ability to greatly activate iodine uptake, which is the body’s chemical trigger that releases massive amounts of natural thyroid hormone into the bloodstream.

The secret to getting shredded beyond all belief is to permanently increase your metabolic rate by naturally increasing your thyroid hormone output. But here’s one for the science books: T-3 actually causes your thyroid gland to increase peripheral specific thyroid hormone turnover. That’s your thyroid hormone T4, which is specifically coded to attach to your individual cellular-receptor site and form active thyroid hormone, T3.

Synthetics, of course, are made for everyone, so to speak, and don’t have such efficient receptor affinity. So even if synthetics didn’t shut down natural thyroid production and were completely safe, they still wouldn’t be as good as T-3 because they don’t generate DNA-specific thyroid hormone turnover.

T-3 increases UCP3, an uncoupling protein, which can have profound effects on fat loss. UCP3 dramatically increases the breakup of fat cells, or lipolysis. Supplemental intake of T-3 helps your body control lipolysis through two different mechanisms: thyroid-specific turnover and uncoupling in fat-specific mitochondria.

At this point you may be asking yourself why you don’t know more about thyroid hormone and its implications for dramatic fat loss. For starters, until the invention of T-3, the only thyroid compounds that really worked were prescription drugs like Synthroid and Cytomel. Because supplement companies can’t make money on prescription thyroid drugs, T-3 information is deemed economically nonviable, and T-3 coverage takes a distant backseat to articles on the powers of 1-testosterone and the ever-increasing sophistication of new creatine drinks that rapidly replenish ATP levels.

Another reason thyroid manipulation hasn’t gotten its due owes something to an inordinate number of articles about thermogenic compounds, notably the famous ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin stack. That started way back in 1983, courtesy of a company called Jungle Gym Supplements in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Soon other companies in the burgeoning supplement industry knocked off Jungle Gym’s idea and kicked off the now 20-year-old ECA-stack craze.

Basically, most companies’ researchers felt nothing could beat the ECA stack because scientific studies documented its power to burn more fat than the amphetamines doctors prescribed to overweight women. ECA’s proven effectiveness meant that researchers didn’t bother to look any further. Should they have? Yes and no. Obviously the ECA combo has helped to a certain degree. But take a moment to think about this: Have you ever gotten really contest cut just using a thermogenic? Being the most shredded guy at the office doesn’t mean shit compared to being truly contest cut, a rare condition that’s almost impossible to achieve without thyroid manipulation. Bottom line: The stack can stand to be stacked.

What the ECA guys should have been doing all along was adding a thyroid manipulator with it. If you’re one of the few bodybuilders who have done that, then you know what being ripped is all about. The reason this dynamic combo shreds people so fast is that it stimulates the metabolic rate by two distinct pathways’a double fat-burning effect.

But enough about ECA. The missing piece to the puzzle of getting radically ripped without killing yourself dieting is T-3: thyroid manipulation with specific thyroid hormone turnover. That’s not all, however. Here’s the kicker: Thyroid hormone can help ignite something in addition to fat loss, and that’s muscle growth. That’s right’thyroid hormone accelerates all body processes, even protein synthesis.

However’and this is an important ‘however’you must provide the body with the highest-quality protein you can get your hands on, and plenty of it. That’s crucial because protein is what we are. Every muscle, bone, tendon and cell is made of protein. Because thyroid hormone accelerates all processes, it needs frequent infusions of raw materials (proteins) to keep up the building process. Don’t forget: A catabolic process of sorts is constantly going on’the breakdown of fat’which can foster breakdown of muscle if protein is lacking.

On the other hand, if you keep feeding the body lots of protein’look out, man. The dual action of burning fat with T-3 and building muscle with a high-quality protein can transform you into a ripped, muscular masterpiece that your mind has not yet conceived. That’s the power of T-3, the amazing new thyroid stimulator from SAN that causes the natural turnover of DNA-specific thyroid hormone for the most rapid fat loss imaginable. So what if you didn’t know the importance of thyroid hormone before. You do now. And you have no more excuses not to be ripped to shreds: T-3 makes that once-impossible dream a real-world experience’whatever your genetics.

Editor’s note: To get the amazing fat-burning power of T-3, call 1-800-447-0008 or visit IM

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