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ITRC Fat-Loss Smart-Bomb

Put an End to Your Fat-Loss Frustration, Win Your Fight Against Bodyfat and Get Ripped to Shreds Once and for All!

Bodybuilders the world over are haunted by the same dilemma: How do I get ripped ? How do I get that Saran-wrapped buff-and-shredded look that so-and-so has and everyone wants? As bodybuilders, you'd think we'd have fat loss down to a science. After all, we understand the role of proper nutrition, supplementation, cardio and resistance training.

Yet even in the bodybuilding world many of us struggle, to be rewarded only with meager amounts of fat loss for our massive efforts. We try every variation of diet, training and cardio known. We try thermogenic fat burners. Some of us even resort to more extreme pharmaceutical measures. Now there's good news for bodybuilders looking to lose fat and get ripped. Someone has come along who understands not only the science of fat loss but also the practical application of that science in the real world. Eric Serrano, M.D., has been in the trenches with the rest of us, as well as in the clinic, and he's come across a solution that can work.

An Important Breakthrough in the War Against Bodyfat

Many years ago Serrano's clinic dealt mostly with weight loss and the complications, utter frustration and failure that most people experience during the fat-loss process. He tried every legitimate method of weight loss, and about 70 percent of his patients responded to basic exercise and dietary changes. On the downside, however, the remaining 30 percent always encountered complications and struggled to achieve meaningful results.

Serrano experimented with drugs and combinations of drugs in treating that 30 percent of his patients. Again, his efforts worked for some but not for others. In an effort to find an alternative to drugs, he began experimenting with various thermogenic and nonthermogenic compounds. He continued to have success but not to the extent that he wanted. Even in the world of science and medicine it all comes down to trial and error.

Serrano realized that it's impossible to be successful 100 percent of the time. Even so, he wanted to come as close as possible to 100 percent success. After plenty of testing in the real world, he made some critical discoveries that increased his success rate from 70 percent to the 90 percent range. How? By considering everything'and I mean everything'that's responsible for making people fat. Being a man of science, he reasoned that many factors are at work, not just one.

He was relentless in his pursuit of a solution. No gray areas could be left unanswered'no factor under-estimated'and no detail of nutrition, exercise, supplementation, pharmacology, metabolism, lifestyle, culture or genetics could be left to chance!

The more he thought about it, the more Serrano realized that fat loss is a more complex issue than the so-called experts let on. There are more than one or two reasons for unwanted bodyfat. In fact, there are several reasons. Not one in 1,000 of those so-called experts has the slightest clue about this. They focus on only one or two factors, and they have only limited and temporary success.

Let's look at Serrano's enemy list, the seven deadly causes of unwanted bodyfat. Which of them relates to you?

'Genetics. Ain't this one a bitch? There isn't anything you can do about your genetics. Not a friggin' thing. Don't you just hate that? Your genetic makeup has complete and total control over your body type'but don't let that stop you. While you can't modify your genetic limitations, you can work around them effectively.

'Eating. This factor you do have control over, and it's not that hard to fix. For now, suffice it to say that if you don't eat in accordance with your genetic disposition and activity profile, you will get fat And you will stay fat.

'Lack of exercise. Since you're a bodybuilder, I probably don't have to educate you about the role of exercise in gaining lean mass, maintaining lean mass and losing bodyfat.

'Hormonal imbalance. If your hormone levels aren't optimal or balanced, you simply won't be able to lose bodyfat. I can't stress enough the importance of maintaining an accurate balance between testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, insulin, thyroid and growth hormone. If anything's out of balance, it will not only turn your body into an adipose-preservation machine, but it will prevent you from losing fat as well.

'Culture. Cultural factors are often related to genetics. You may need to go back to what your ancestors were eating and draw conclusions from that data. How did they feel? Were they fat? Were they thin? Did they die young and, if so, of what causes?

'Metabolism. All of the above factors control your metabolism. Get them in good working order, and your metabolism will kick in.

'Lifestyle. In addition to diet and exercise, you may need to consider the family, social, professional and spiritual elements of your life. They all affect your life, especially your bodyweight and appearance.

Knock the Enemy on Its Ass

Most of the products on the market'wait, let me rephrase that: All of the products on the market directed at weight loss concentrate exclusively on metabolism and the thermogenic portion of the equation. They affect only one of the seven components responsible for unwanted bodyfat. They attempt to drive up the metabolism with thermogenic compounds'and that's it. Well, you can't do just that and expect long-term success. In order to produce results that are safe and permanent, it's entirely necessary to identify all of the reasons for obesity and address them one by one.

I mentioned above that Serrano has developed a formula specifically designed to produce results for the 30 percent of his clients who struggle with fat loss. The formula, which he spent years refining, wasn't created for the purpose of mass marketing; it was developed for people who weren't responding to dietary changes and exercise.

So it's no wonder that when some of the top supplement companies got word about the formula, they tried'in vain'to convince Serrano to sell it to them. After years of coaxing, Paul Burton, the CEO of Premier Research & Development, was finally able to convince him to let PRD produce the formula in limited supply and offer it on a first-come-first-served basis. It's just been released under the PRD label and is called Prime. It's the exact same formula that Serrano has used for years in his practice'made specifically and exclusively for his patients with proven, excellent results.

How does Prime work, and what's in it? Prime works on all of the factors mentioned above, except the genetic component. So I can say with full confidence that it's the best fat-loss supplement on the market. Prime optimizes your health. No other formula does that. While it's great to alter your body composition, it would be tragic to loose fat at the expense of your health.

Prime has the perfect ratio of components to optimize several of your body's hormones at the right time. The formula itself includes M-Hydroxytheone, a proprietary formula consisting of the following ingredients:

'DIM (indole-3-carbinol). This both controls and decreases your estrogen levels. Besides insulin, estrogen is one of the most fattening hormones. Any woman taking birth control pills or estrogen knows that, and so do bodybuilders fighting the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

'Korean ginseng. This will improve your free uptake of sugar into the muscle cells instead of fat cells and reduce the chances of experiencing the high insulin levels responsible for excess bodyfat. What's more, clinical studies show Korean ginseng reduces diabetes.

'L-Tyrosine. This amino acid naturally improves your nor-epinephrine levels by producing precise levels of norepinephrine in your body. That's important because you won't experience the increased blood pressure and jitters that can be a risk to your health. Your body will optimize the hormone levels responsible for making you either fat or lean.

'Ashwagandha. This helps you optimize precise thyroid levels for success, resulting in accelerated fat loss. It occurs naturally, without the aid of drugs like Cytomel and Tricana. In other words, you avoid the undesired rebounding effects experienced by people who use those drugs and then stop. 'Green tea. This is a thermogenic agent with health properties. Take it for its antioxidant benefits and also for the caffeine.

'Forskolin. This herb has testosterone-elevating properties, specifically free testosterone. Again, bodybuilders recognize the fat-burning, muscle-building effect of having elevated testosterone levels

'Citrus arantium. A mild thermogenic that, when combined with green tea, causes your metabolism to shift into overdrive.

If you think you're in the 30 percent group, if your efforts have stalled or failed, if you're tired of the struggle and utter frustration associated with trying to lose fat, then you may want to give Prime a test drive.

Editor's note: A limited supply of Prime is available to the IRONMAN Research Team. You can get a 30-day supply for only $69.95 ($89.95 retail). That's a savings of $20. Or get a 90-day supply for only $199.95 and save almost $70. Remember, it's available only on a first-come-first-served basis. To participate, call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the Fat-Loss Smart-Bomb Special. Bodybuilders everywhere are already standing in line to get their hands on this fat-loss breakthrough. IM

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