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ITRC: Bodyfat Blowtorch?Transform Your Metabolism Into a Thermogenic Machine

Tight has only the highest quality and purest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and no herbal extracts.

For years fat burners have used ephedrine or ephedra as key ingredients. Ephedra is the herbal version of the synthetic ephedrine, but both act as central nervous system (CNS) stimulants and cause fat burning. Ephedrine-based products work, but many people complain of feeling jittery or uneasy while using them.

Ephedrine-based fat burners have dominated the market for years, but recently there's been a concerted effort to create a fat burner without ephedrine. That's a little like trying to create a car that runs without gas. It's not easy'which is why the initial ephedrine-free fat burners introduced had the kick of a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. They didn't really do much.

The SAN Corporation set out to develop a specific combination of ingredients that would burn fat faster and more safely than products containing ephedrine. SAN has a most impressive track record when it comes to perfecting cutting-edge products, having led the way with prosteroids (T-100), cell volumizers (V-12), superfood meal replacements (Infusion) and now ephedrine-free fat burners.

SAN's newest creation, Tight, is the world's only truly effective ephedrine-free fat burner. It's a unique combination of seven key ingredients that work synergistically to burn bodyfat in several different ways. The beauty of Tight is that it doesn't require ephedrine to work. That's staggering news'like a one-legged man winning an ass-kicking contest against a prize mule.

How was SAN able to do it? Careful research into why previous ephedrine-free fat burners had been ineffective revealed that many of them didn't use the right ingredients or combination of ingredients. More important, none used the most potent and pure versions of available fat-burning compounds. SAN not only used the perfect ingredients in the most effective ratios but was also the first and only company to assemble pharmaceutical-grade synthetic ingredients (not herbal extracts or derivatives) in the most sophisticated fat burner in the world. The purity level and potency are unmatched.

You may be familiar with some of the ingredients, but it's important to understand the difference between what SAN provides and what other companies have offered previously. Tight contains synthetic guggulsterones Z and E, Forslean, yohimbine HCL, vinpocetine, pure synephrine, caffeine anhydrous and bioperine. We'll get to the ingredients in a moment. Don't worry about all the names of the compounds. All you really need to concern yourself with is that they combine to help you burn fat in several ways.

Using Tight will enable you to:
'Naturally increase thyroid production to speed up your metabolism.

'Burn bodyfat faster and more efficiently as the preferred source of energy.

'Block the absorption of fat from ingested calories.

'Enhance brain function and counteract withdrawals associated with stopping ephedrine after long-term use.

'Suppress appetite to manage caloric intake.

'Increase energy for greater workout intensity.

Tight does all that and more. To no one's surprise it not only blows all ephedrine-free fat burners out of the water but may also be more effective than products containing ephedrine. But enough jibber-jabber. Let's get to Tight's arsenal of thermogenic secret weapons.

Leading the way in Tight's formula are the synthetic guggulsterones (Z and E). Of the several different versions of guggulsterones, Z and E are the ones specifically proven to rapidly accelerate fat burning activity. They work by converting inactive thyroid hormone T4 into the more active T3. The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism, so by increasing thyroid production, or conversion, you increase your metabolic rate, which results in your getting ripped. Thyroid-stimulating hormone, or TSH, is released when the body needs it. The thyroid hormone T4 is formed from TSH and is responsible for burning fat to some degree. But when T4 converts to T3, you'll really experience incredible fat-burning effects.

To intensify thermogenic effects like that, you need high levels of the thyroid hormone T3. You get them by converting T4 to T3 efficiently. High levels of T3 will translate into a turbocharged metabolic rate, giving you the shredded physique you've always wanted in record time. The Z and E guggulsterones make all that possible. They not only stimulate thyroid production but also speed the conversion of T4 into T3 so you get the best of both worlds. Your thyroid production is enhanced, and you get the greatest amount of the most potent thyroid hormone, T3.

That's all well and good, but any old strand of Z and E guggulsterones simply won't get the job done. In fact, they won't even come close. High-performance liquid chromatography, or HPLC, testing, which is the most sophisticated and accurate method of measuring substance purity, has confirmed that the highest degree of guggulsterone purity in any product currently on the market is only 10 percent. That's not much potency. Many products containing guggulsterones have tested as low as 1 percent purity. So despite the many beneficial properties of guggulsterone, if there's too little pure active ingredient, it won't do much good.

The Z and E guggulsterones SAN uses in Tight are the highest-level pharmaceutical grade available and have been HPLC tested at 99.9 percent purity. In other words, with up to 99 times the compound of other supplements Tight delivers guggulsterones with at least nine times the potency of other products containing guggulsterones. Tight's staggeringly high guggulsterone purity optimizes thyroid production and accelerates T4-to-T3 conversion. So you actually experience the fat-burning effects associated with Z and E guggulsterones. Remember, if the purity level is not stated on the label at 99.9 percent, no product, regardless of the dosage, can compete with Tight'and that's just the first ingredient.

Once the increased thyroid function fires up the metabolism, the next and most obvious step is to attack bodyfat stores. Forskolin is a unique compound that increases the oxidation of bodyfat. That means it accesses stored bodyfat as the preferred source of energy both during exercise and at rest.

As with the Z and E guggulsterones, forskolin purity is essential. Most products containing some type of forskolin don't deliver much potency. To overcome that problem, SAN uses Forslean, a leading brand of forskolin, which has been scientifically proven to be at least 95 percent pure. You're probably already aware of the vast difference between the same or similarly named ingredients and the actual potency. If you don't have the purity, you simply won't experience the fat-burning potential of any ingredient. With Tight there's no doubt'it's right on the label.

Forslean is a direct precursor of a nucleotide called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP, and increases the body's natural activation of cAMP. Higher cAMP levels cause the body to burn fat faster and more efficiently. In fact, because Forslean increases cAMP levels so well, it may be more effective than the popular fat-burning drug clenbuterol'and without the negative side effects, specifically receptor downgrading. Forslean also contributes to increased thyroid production.

The combination of Z and E guggulsterones and Forslean is a pretty devastating one-two-punch. Together, those two ingredients will rudely escort fat from your body, never to return.

So are we done? No, just getting warmed up.

Now you've increased your metabolic rate and begun destroying bodyfat. As long as we're on a roll, why don't we go ahead and block fat absorption? Hmm, now there's an idea.

Tight's fat-burning onslaught continues with the inclusion of pure yohimbine HCL. Once again, the purity of the ingredient is key, and Tight contains the most potent and pure yohimbine HCL. It's far more powerful than the herbal version, yohimbe. It's the highest-level pharmaceutical-grade version of yohimbine HCL available, with a purity level of 99.9 percent. Herbal versions or weaker types of yohimbine HCL can't compare with what's found in Tight.

Yohimbine HCL is known, in part, for enhancing libido in both men and women. In Tight that's just an added bonus to battling bodyfat. What makes yohimbine HCL truly amazing is that it blocks the receptors responsible for absorbing and storing fat. That means instead of being stored as fat, excess calories become the preferred energy source. You can see why yohimbine HCL and Forslean work so well together: Yohimbine HCL prevents fat from being absorbed, and Forslean uses fat as energy.

High levels of yohimbine HCL in the body not only block the absorption of bodyfat but also specifically prevent fat absorption in the lower body. By blocking the alpha 2 receptors, yohimbine HCL prevents fat deposition on the hips, thighs and glutes. So problem areas are no longer a problem.

Those ingredients are more than enough to get the job done in most cases, but SAN isn't done yet. Among the crucial factors considered during the development of Tight was how to deal with problems experienced by those who have used or are using ephedrine-type products. A hazard of their long-term use is the down regulation of adreno-receptors.

To overcome that, Tight incorporates a very powerful neural-enhancing compound called vinpocetine to upregulate down-regulated adreno-receptors. By increasing blood flow to the brain, which improves access to oxygen and other essential nutrients and optimizes mental performance, vinpocetine helps foster alertness. That translates into helping the body absorb nutrients and combat the depression related to discontinuing ephedrine-based products'ephedrine users won't feel lethargic or have mental letdowns when they stop taking those products.

What about potency? You guessed it: Not just any old vinpocetine will be effective, which is why Tight contains a 99.9 percent pure version.

We're winding down here, but the hits keep on coming'as in hitting hunger. Many people can't lose fat because they overeat. They may train consistently, but they have trouble controlling their appetite. Tight solves that problem with pure synephrine HCl (96.9 percent purity) as an appetite suppressant, so you won't undo all the work of the other fat-burning ingredients by going on a feeding frenzy. You simply won't feel the urge to eat more than you need. That's a winning quality in and of itself.

Next is caffeine, one of the oldest and most commonly used stimulants. Found in chocolate, coffee and tea, it's been a part of many fat burners because it can increase energy. Tight includes caffeine, but in its pharmaceutical-grade form, caffeine anhydrous (99.9 percent pure). It provides a mild stimulant effect, which is great for extended energy levels during intense training sessions.

Rounding out Tight's team of extraordinary fat-burning ingredients is bioperine. It's not enough to simply have all the right compounds. You also need to make sure they're all absorbed as completely and efficiently as possible once they enter your body. Bioperine (96.9 percent pure) is a pepper extract that increases overall absorption and uptake of all the ingredients in Tight.

Tight'safe, potent, completely legal'contains only the highest quality and purest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, and no herbal extracts, derivatives or synthetic ingredients with inferior purity levels. Because Tight is fully bioavailable, it gets into your system and starts to work almost instantly.

Here's a final rundown of the ingredients and effects:

'Guggulsterones (Z and E) stimulate thyroid production to increase the metabolism.

'Forslean burns stored bodyfat as the preferred source of energy.

'Yohimbine HCL prevents fat from being absorbed and stored.

'Vinpocetine enhances brain function to deal with ephedrine-withdrawal symptoms.

'Pure synephrine decreases appetite to prevent overeating.

'Caffeine anhydrous stimulates energy levels for greater workout intensity.

'Bioperine enhances the overall absorption and effectiveness of all ingredients in Tight.

The real scoop on Tight is that it's the only completely pharmaceutical-grade, ephedrine-free, fat burner in the world that can burn fat through several different mechanisms. All of its ingredients work together to turn your body into a lean, chiseled masterpiece'and it works great for both men and women. Plus, it's simple to use. Just take one capsule two times a day. For best results take it with food.

Editor's note: To get one 60-cap bottle of Tight, about a one-month supply, for the special low price of only $39.95 (you save $10), call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the IRONMAN Research Team Tight Special'and prepare to experience the most staggering fat-loss results in the shortest time possible! You'll be amazed at how fast your body changes and how easy it finally is to get the lean, ripped physique you've always wanted. IM

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