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The Perfect Anabolic Stack for Packing On Pounds of Ripped, Vascular Mass and Increasing Strength Without Unwanted Bodyfat! You may have heard of positive nitrogen balance. When you?re in positive nitrogen balance, your body can absorb, use and convert pr

Cell volumizers have become commonplace in the bodybuilding-supplement world in recent years’and for good reason. They work by transporting vital nutrients into the muscle cells, which means you experience the visual effects of increased muscle fullness and vascularity along with the ability to train more intensely for longer periods of time without tiring.

For the most part, creatine and creatine-transport formulas have been the stars of this category of supplements. Creatine remains one of the most successful supplements ever introduced, and almost everyone who’s taken it has experienced its potent effects.

Even so, it’s not the only cell volumizer. Yes, creatine will improve strength levels and the ability to increase muscle mass, but on its own there’s a limit to how much of an impact it will have when used for long periods.

Looking at the current crop of cell volumizers on the market, however, you’d be hard-pressed to find any that include active ingredients other than creatine because its results have been enough to satisfy most people. If there’s a better and faster way to pack on chiseled muscle and set new personal-best lifts in the gym, however, the bodybuilding public is always willing to listen.

Top pro and amateur bodybuilders may start, early in their careers, using just one steroid at a time in an attempt to build a massive, ripped physique. As they learn more about how certain anabolics work, though, they inevitably begin to stack several steroids at the same time to maximize and accelerate muscle and strength gains. It’s a natural progression: One steroid works initially, but a more sophisticated stacking approach will net much more significant results in less time. That’s because each steroid performs a specific anabolic function. As a team they get the job done better and faster.

Taking a page from the anabolic-steroid playbook, it makes sense to design a cell volumizer that exploits creatine’s potency while simultaneously volumizing muscle cells with other powerful compounds.

Of course, that type of product design seems obvious when you think about it. Hey, the solution to the most complicated math problem seems simple when someone works it out for you, step by step. So why haven’t supplement makers created a more sophisticated cell volumizer? For one thing, the current creatine-based cell volumizers are effective. And more important, other powerful cell volumizers aren’t easy to come by. It takes a scientific background, along with a sound understanding of how certain ingredients will actually work in the body, to develop a more perfect cell volumizer.

Fortunately for people attempting to build more muscle and increase strength, a revolutionary new cell volumizer has been developed that combines the most potent and effective compounds for making the most rapid gains possible. Taking the original creatine-based formula as a start, this brand-new cell volumizer, called V12, is a turbocharged improvement that’s years ahead of other products on the market. It’s as if the other cell volumizers are calculators, while V12 is a supercomputer.

In terms of formulas, there’s no comparison and, more important, no comparison in the results you’ll get. So what exactly is V12 and how does it work?

Matthias Boldt of the SAN corporation, who launched the pro-steroid 1-testosterone and has discovered and formulated many of the most successful cutting-edge supplements in the bodybuilding world, has outdone himself. This new cell volumizer takes advantage of the synergistic effects of the following four key anabolic ingredients. Their combined effect results in the fastest possible gains in muscle mass and strength. While you may be somewhat familiar with the names of these ingredients, it’s the specific version of each compound that distinguishes it from anything you’ve heard.

1) Tricreatine malate
2) Betaine-glycocyamine
3) N-acetyl-L-glutamine
4) Nitroarginine

Don’t worry about memorizing the ingredients. The crucial point is that you understand how the combination will help you pack on ripped muscle mass and get stronger faster than you ever dreamed possible.

A perfectly designed cell volumizer makes muscles look rounder and fuller and the body more vascular. You’ll get that tight-skinned look, where the muscles seem to be practically jumping through your skin. Plus, you’ll finally achieve that vascular appearance you’ve seen on other guys in your gym and in the magazines. In other words, the veins in your forearms and biceps will be prominently displayed instead of buried deep under your skin. In addition, you’ll perform much better in the gym. You’ll be able to train more intensely for longer periods of time and do more reps with heavier weights. The combination will bring you an amazing new physique in record time.

Here’s a rundown of the ingredients in this amazing new product:

Tricreatine malate. Of course you’re heard of creatine, but creatine has undergone many improvements in the past few years, from basic creatine monohydrate to effervescent creatine and, more recently, water-soluble creatine. Creatine works, but absorption has always been a limiting factor, which is why supplement makers keep coming out with new and improved versions. Tricreatine malate is a revolutionary innovation in creatine supplementation because it combines creatine with malic acid, which stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body. Tricreatine malate is the most bioavailable and soluble form of creatine, far more effective than all previous versions, including water-soluble creatine.

ATP is the body’s major fuel, or energy source. The body doesn’t use energy directly from food or supplements. It has to convert and store the energy as ATP. During exhausting exercise like weight training, ATP is released, which fuels muscle contractions. So the more ATP you have available in your body, the more energy you’ll have for intense training.

The problem is, during intense exercise glycolysis, which is the breakdown of sugar for energy, is inhibited. That means the body isn’t able to use stored carbohydrates as energy very easily. It’s the reason you often get exhausted in the middle of your workout and find your strength levels rapidly declining. When that occurs, your body switches over to muscle as a source of energy, which means catabolism, a.k.a. muscle breakdown.

That’s bad news.

Fortunately, malic acid overcomes the problem because its primary function is to enable glycolysis so that sugar can be easily and quickly broken down for energy. Not only is muscle mass preserved, but more will be built. Tricreatine malate, in which malic acid is bonded with creatine, is the ideal compound for providing energy for workouts and preventing muscle from ever being used as an energy source. Plus, it’s highly soluble, which means your body will absorb it rapidly and completely.

Betaine-glycocyamine. This creatine precursor will convert to creatine in the body. Betaine supplies a necessary component for creatine production, while glycocyamine is the immediate precursor to creatine. Together they produce more creatine in the body.

An insulin spike is necessary to transport nutrients like creatine through the body and into the muscles. Most cell volumizers must rely on the primitive technology of adding carbohydrates to cause that insulin spike. Glycocyamine is such a remarkable compound that it causes the release of insulin without the need for carbohydrates.

That’s a crucial point. Carbohydrates have both positive and negative glycemic properties. The positive properties include transporting nutrients, loading muscles with glycogen for fullness and vascularity and supplying readily accessible energy sources for intense training. The negative effects include storing excess carbohydrate calories as fat and affecting energy levels by causing rapid rises and drops in blood sugar levels. In other words, carbs are a double-edged sword, and while they do have many beneficial effects, there’s a big downside to relying on them to cause an insulin spike. The beauty of betaine-glycocyamine is that it mimics the positive glycemic properties of carbs, so you experience the benefits of an insulin spike without the negative effects of a carbohydrate-induced one. That’s not only rare, it’s remarkable. Now you’ll be able to pack on pounds of shredded mass without having to worry about adding unwanted fat in the process.

While tricreatine malate is providing a dose of creatine, betaine-glycocyamine is converting to creatine in the body. Together, they’ll increase creatine levels in the body, which will result in greater cell volumizing.

N-acetyl-L-glutamine. You’re probably somewhat familiar with glutamine. It’s the most abundant amino acid in muscle. High levels of glutamine in the body result in increased muscle fullness and improved strength. What’s more, they also increase natural growth hormone production. That’s a potent muscle-building and strength-enhancing combination. The problem with regular glutamine and even some glutamine peptides is that most forms are unstable. That means the body never really absorbs or uses much of the glutamine taken in either form.

N-acetyl-L-glutamine solves the problem because it’s a considerably more bioavailable peptide. Glutamine is bonded to an acetyl group’thus the name N-acetyl-L-glutamine’and that bond protects the glutamine so it’s not destroyed in the stomach. Instead, the glutamine remains intact and is delivered to the muscles, which means N-acetyl-L-glutamine will be absorbed quickly and efficiently for’you guessed it’intensified cell volumization. The first three ingredients together will give you the most phenomenal pumps of your life, and you’ll be handling heavier weights with ease, but V12 is not about to shortchange you. It goes the extra mile to guarantee you’ll benefit from the most incredible cell volumizer ever designed.

Nitroarginine. In much the same way that N-acetyl-L-glutamine is a major improvement over regular glutamine, nitroarginine is a significant advancement over regular L-arginine. It’s a newly discovered bioavailable form of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate that’s critical for increasing nitric oxide levels in the body. The more nitric oxide you have, the more muscle you can build.

You may have heard of positive nitrogen balance. When you’re in positive nitrogen balance, your body can absorb, use and convert protein into muscle mass. Basically, when you have greater nitrogen retention, your body is more anabolic, and you build muscle and increase strength faster. Nitroarginine works so well to improve nitrogen retention because once it enters the body, it converts to nitric oxide, which is a key component for nitrogen retention. When nitric oxide levels are elevated, you’ll become much more vascular in just a matter of days because your red blood cell production will be increased due to the increased nitric oxide in your body. All you really need to know is that nitroarginine will promote the most vascular look you could ever want’starting in the forearms, then going to the biceps and maybe even making it to your chest and legs.

If that weren’t enough, nitroarginine will also assist in the transportation of all the other cell volumizers in V12. So not only does nitroarginine have its own anabolic properties, but it will also enhance the effectiveness of all the other compounds.

So there you have it: the perfect cell volumizer. V12 has taken the good idea behind the current cell volumizers and improved on them to create an anabolic product that’s more potent than any other. Once you experience V12 for yourself, you’ll see and feel the huge difference a scientifically superior formulation can make in your physique.

Editor’s note: To get two big canisters of V12 at the special price of $99.95 (you save $20), call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the Research Team V12 Special’and prepare to get pumped beyond belief at every workout. IM

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