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Is this the best use of your time?

Or, are you doing this because its easy?

When I entered Manhattan Real Estate as a twenty something kid full of fire in his belly one of the first terms I heard used was “highest and best use”  What this means is, are you using the property for its optimal purpose… for the largest return on investment.  For example, the 2nd and 3rd floors in many buildings are difficult to sell for residential use (at least for a good price) then the upper floors.  On the other hand it is prime space for a dentist or attorney’s office.  So if you use it for residential you are leaving potential and profit on the table instead of it adding to your bottom line.  Since this isn’t a real estate lesson we will stop there.

We are much the same.  You have to take an accounting of your life.  Look at your talents, abilities and skills and see if you are living your life to it’s “highest and best use”.  Be honest with yourself.  Are you doing what you are doing because it is the best use of your time and life or because it fell in your lap?  Are you laboring away at something you know in your heart you shouldn’t be doing because it is what your degree says you should be doing?

If you feel you should be doing something else, then start researching it and put a plan of action together that will allow you to get there. You can do it, it may take a little time but once you transition into the way you should be serving the world, your life will take off.  Yes I said serving.  We are all here to serve others with our unique talents, abilities and skills and by doing so we are functioning at our highest and best use.

Even in the gym, are you getting the gains you want?  Are you enjoying your workouts?  Are you lifting that way because it is what you always did?  Challenge every area of your life and make the best use of your time.

Don’t take the easy way out.  You are here for a reason and it is worth the effort to be all you were created to be!

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