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IRONMAN Research Team: The Anabolic Power of Insulin

The Anabolic Power of Insulin. Amazing Gains in Ripped Muscle Mass Can be Yours.

For rapid muscle-mass and strength gains, testosterone is one of the most anabolic hormones in the world. High testosterone levels’whether from steroids, pro-steroids or pro-hormones’stimulates anabolic activity, which results in a huge, ripped, rock-hard physique. But testosterone is not the only anabolic hormone. Insulin is right alongside it.

Insulin is responsible for transporting nutrients into the bloodstream to guarantee maximum absorption and use of any and all supplements (legal and illegal). Insulin also intensifies the delivery of carbohydrates and supplements like creatine, glutamine and others into the muscle cells for amazing pumps and muscle fullness.

You may be familiar with the term ‘insulin spike.’ It refers to a rapid rise in insulin levels in the body, usually brought on by a concentrated dose of simple sugars, which are found in most high-carb creatine-transport products. You need an insulin spike to carry and deliver nutrients into the bloodstream and muscle cells. Great and effective as they are, however, insulin spikes can also cause excess carbs’carbs that aren’t completely metabolized’to be stored as fat.

Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone, as long as you control the way it affects your body. If you manage insulin properly, you can gain 10 to 20 pounds of muscle mass in four to six weeks; if you don’t, you can easily pack on some serious fat. Top pro and amateur bodybuilders have used injectable forms of insulin as a means of accelerating muscle gains in the off-season. Typically, they take a shot of insulin immediately following an intense training session, just minutes before eating a huge postworkout meal. Insulin transports the carbs into depleted muscles to replenish their fullness, and it delivers protein so it’s quickly synthesized into lean mass for a harder, more vascular physique.

Injectable insulin is dangerous, however. Sure, you can gain weight, but often that weight is fat you never lose. Plus, if you don’t eat enough carbs within a short time of taking a shot of insulin, you could go into diabetic shock’or even a diabetic coma.

Because of insulin’s potential for such amazing anabolic effects, bodybuilders risk their health for the reward. It doesn’t make much sense, but the practice is an indication of just how dramatic an effect insulin can have on muscle building.

Fortunately, you don’t have to risk your health to experience the power of insulin. There’s a brand-new, just-discovered way to manipulate insulin that’s completely safe and legal.

Loaded, from SAN, is the most sophisticated insulin mimic ever created, combining the four most potent insulin-manipulating compounds. It’s scientifically designed to increase the activity and positive effects of insulin without increasing insulin levels in the body. I know you just read that sentence, but you’ve really got to take it in to appreciate how revolutionary Loaded is.

Loaded delivers carbs into muscle cells for skin-bursting pumps and muscle fullness. It transports all nutrients, like amino acids from protein, creatine and all other supplements, into the bloodstream and muscles for unparalleled anabolic activity. And it does all that without increasing insulin levels in the body.

You must maintain the delicate balance between insulin and glucose in order to promote anabolism. As glucose levels increase, insulin levels must also increase proportionally. As glucose levels decrease, insulin levels must also decrease proportionally. As long as you maintain that balance, you’ll pack on muscle mass and increase strength with each passing day. But if that balance is thrown out of whack, you’ll find yourself mysteriously gaining bodyfat and losing strength.

When blood sugar levels rise, the body releases insulin. Once that happens, the blood sugar drops to normal levels. If your body is resistant to the effects of insulin, however, blood sugar levels will not be easily lowered to the normal range. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body can’t use the released insulin correctly. Because the release of a normal amount of insulin doesn’t lower blood sugar levels, you continue to release more insulin in the attempt to lower your blood sugar and regulate the insulin/glucose balance. When your body releases excess insulin, carbohydrates are not efficiently metabolized and are stored as bodyfat instead of being used as energy or for loading muscles with glycogen. That’s the danger: When insulin levels are higher than necessary, the body won’t use carbs properly, and it will begin to stockpile bodyfat.

The key is to harness the anabolic power of insulin, gain muscle and strength and greatly intensify protein synthesis and nutrient absorption while simultaneously neutralizing its potentially adverse effects. Loaded does all that and more by assembling the dream team of insulin mimics:

1) Alpha lipoic acid
2) Vanadyl sulfate
3) Glycocyamine
4) D-pinitol

Those four ingredients, in specific dosages, accomplish the goal of insulin mimicry without increasing insulin levels in the body. Each compound mimics the effects of insulin, and when combined, they trigger an explosion of anabolic activity in your body.

In recent years alpha lipoic acid (ALA) has come to the fore as the newest and most effective insulin mimicker. It’s a component of many creatine formulas and meal replacements. No doubt about it, ALA is potent when it comes to simulating the effects of insulin. Numerous university studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, most, if not all, versions of alpha lipoic acid currently on the market are regular ALA. There’s nothing wrong with regular ALA’Loaded has 100 milligrams. But the ‘R’ version of ALA has been shown to be more potent, and it’s now available for the first time. It combines synergistically with regular ALA for the most complete one-two punch of ALA’s amazing insulin-mimicking effects. Alpha lipoic acid is also a powerful antioxidant that regulates a healthy immune system and prevents the effects of overtraining, so you recover quickly and completely from intense workouts.

Almost 10 years ago one of the first insulin-mimicking products, vanadyl sulfate, was introduced to bodybuilding. Vanadyl sulfate is the soluble form of the mineral vanadium and has been used successfully to simulate insulin spikes and drive carbs into muscle cells for fullness and hardness. Unfortunately, people began taking excessive doses, and with abuse of a good product came findings that high levels of vanadyl sulfate can be mildly toxic to the body. The solution: Simply use small doses of it, and your body will never build up toxic levels, nor will it become resistant to vanadyl’s effects. Because vanadyl is just one of four powerful insulin-mimicry compounds, a limited amount is extremely effective. Loaded includes a modest dose of 10 milligrams of vanadyl sulfate.

The third component is glycocyamine, which is the immediate precursor of creatine. Glycocyamine is a remarkable compound because it mimics the beneficial effects of insulin release without the need for carbohydrates. The positive glycemic properties of carbs include transporting nutrients, loading muscles with glycogen for fullness and vascularity and supplying readily accessible energy sources for intense training. Glycocyamine eliminates the negative effects of carbs, which include storing excess calories as fat and negatively affecting energy by causing rapid rises and falls in blood sugar.

But the real beauty of Loaded is that, with the help of 250 milligrams of glycocyamine, it can also handle the high carb levels found in creatine formulas and weight gainers; it will transport them into muscle cells without causing the body to release insulin. The ingredients in Loaded deliver the properties of an insulin spike. That means you don’t have to worry about carbs being stored as insulin fat. In fact, Loaded’s insulin-mimicking activity has been shown to encourage the healthy respiration of fat tissue in the mitochondria of fat cells’it can actually cause fat to be burned as the preferred source of energy and may help shrink fat cells.

D-pinitol is the fourth and final insulin-mimicry agent found in Loaded. It optimizes the use of high glucose levels by transporting nutrients into the muscle cells and bloodstream for rapid absorption.

Overall, Loaded’s ingredients will intensify and accelerate the delivery and transport of all nutrients into the muscle cells and bloodstream. As for carbs, Loaded will slam them into your muscles for massive pumps and fullness. And protein? Loaded will greatly enhance protein synthesis because it makes the amino acids in protein easily accessible for quick and rapid absorption. And with cell-volumizing supplements like V-12, Loaded will dramatically improve how efficiently your body uses the ingredients.

Loaded guarantees you’ll be the master of insulin and its anabolic power. You’ll finally be able to benefit from insulin’s ability to pack chiseled muscle mass onto your frame, skyrocket your strength levels and burn bodyfat simultaneously, but you won’t have to rely on insulin to do the work. Loaded will take care of it all.

Loaded is simple to use. Just take two capsules two times a day with food. Within days you’ll begin to sense something happening. You’ll be stronger in the gym, and your pumps will be so intense, you might feel that you can’t handle the painful intensity of your muscle contractions. You’ve never felt anything like this before. Your strength will begin to increase, and your body will take on a harder look. After two weeks you’ll know you’ve tapped into a real anabolic secret’and the gains will just keep on coming.

For maximum results, use Loaded on eight-to-12-week cycles. Within two or three months you won’t even recognize your physique when you look in the mirror’but everyone in your gym will want to know what you’re taking.

Editor’s note: You can get three 60-capsule bottles of Loaded for only $59.95 (you save $30). Call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the IRONMAN Research Team Loaded Special.

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