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Iron Man’s Success Stories Collection

A collection of the most inspiring body transformation stories.

Arnold: A Success Story for the Age
Exclusive photos by Albert Busek and John Balik

Success Story: Emotional Rescue
Shaking the Shock of a Fat Before Photo to Bask in the Glory of an In-Shape After

Success Story: Cinderalla Man
Eryk Bui made chop suey out of his middleweight opponents in Dallas, at the '04 Nationals.

Success Story: Glenn Boggs
A Health Scare and Frightening Before Photo Snapped Me Out of My Bad Habits

Success Story: Greg Adler
Met-Rx Body Challenge Winner and Lawyer, Tells How He Transformed Himself

Success Story: Gregory Smyers
Iron Man's Inaugural Before-and-After Champion

Success Story: IFBB Drug-Free Pro Jeff Willet
Knows How to Cast a Wicked Muscle-Building Spell

Success Story: James DeMelo
On April 24, 1998, James DeMelo was in a serious accident. A semi-truck hit his car, and the impact left him virtually dead at the scene.

Success Story: Joe DeAngelis
How Joe DeAngelis Became Mr. America With Unshakable Focus

Success Story: Meral Ertunc
Turkish-born bodybuilder from Virginia battles cancer and returns with a vengeance.

Success Story: Michael Richards
A Lifelong Struggle to Be Thin

Success Story: Rehan Jalali
20 Pounds of Muscle in Three Months: One Hardgainer's Key to building More Mass–Naturally

Success Story: Robert Caltabiano
Big Inspiration in a Small Town "Most of the time I don't think I'm special at all," Caltabiano says. "Just another guy earning a living and helping people get fit"

Success Story: Ron Harris
Ron Harris, the Bodybuilder's Bodybuilder, Talks About Training, Nutrition and His Love of Iron

Success Story: Shannon Hartnett
"I use sports as the catalyst," she explains, "to talk about goal setting, building confidence and developing competitive qualities."

Success Story: Skip La Cour
How He Became the Most Celebrated Drug-Free Bodybuilder in the World

Success Story: Tom Doyle
How Tom Doyle Won the Twinlab Live Like a Pro With Lee Priest Challenge

Zero to Hero Success Story #2
Steve Cuevas amazing transformation in just 12 weeks.

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