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Icons, Rising Stars at Gold’s Venice

So, how did you spend your Sunday? I coasted down to the beach on this picture perfect day, one that makes people put up with the terrible congestion, high rents and the potential of the next “big one” that accompanies Southern Cal living.

Well, I ended up close to the beach, anyway. Spent several hours at Gold’s, Venice, where I teamed up with ace videographer Wild Bill Comstock to interview a slew of past, present and future bodybuilding standouts. Make sure to look for the footage on this site coming soon.

We started off the day with an extensive, in-depth feature on Jim Morris, the 75-year-old wunderkind, who swears he looks better today than he did 50 years ago! On that subject, Jim is in the process of writing a book about his journey, and gave out wonderful insight on how he’s been able to winning the battle against aging. Hopefully, Michael Neveux will be able to shoot Jim before this 76th birthday at the end of August and prove Morris’ point by comparing the current pictures with shots taken in 1961.

The always-entertaining Eli Blahut was there, and I teased him about his answering machine message, which is longer than my back. And, I got the irrepressible one to talk about the coffee enemas that have helped clear up digestive problems. No, am not joking. Watch the tape; Eli explains it clearly. Well, sort of clearly. If you want to ask him yourself about this innovative measure, come to my West Coast Classic on June 25, where Eli will open up the show with a guest posing performance after winning it all last season (

Also talked with pros Abbas Khatami, Michael Ergas and Jerome “Hollywood” Ferguson. Likewise for up and coming stars Steve Christman (this cat is huge at 6’3” and 305 pounds), Joey “Chicago” Sergo and John Merwin, who took top honors at the MuscleContest last week and who is one of the favorites going into the Orange County Muscle Classic in less than three weeks.

Liked the piece we did with Joey Gloor about his MTV gig on “I Used to Be Fat.” Sharp kid; teaches English at a South Central middle school when he’s not in front of the camera.

It was fun. And tiring. I’m out.

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