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Jimmy Caruso

Gene Mozee

Chris Lund

This issue is our annual Arnold birthday special, and we’re featuring the photos of Jimmy Caruso and Gene Mozée. Jimmy and Gene were both honored by IRON MAN with the Art Zeller Artistic Achievement Award—Gene in 2001 and Jimmy in ’02. The images of Arnold that begin on page 108 underline the greatness of their talents. Each picture is a priceless example of their art that highlights arguably the best bodybuilder of all time. We present most of them one to a page so you can more easily frame them for your home gym. Enjoy!

Speaking of outstanding photographers—and another recipient of the Art Zeller Artistic Achievement Award—here’s to my good friend Chris Lund, who we honored in 2004. Has anyone brought more enthusiasm and intensity to workout photography? If you’ve ever had the privilege of being photographed by Chris or watching one of his gym shoots, you’ve seen someone who was absolutely obsessed with getting everything out of his subject. Perfectly lit, jaw-dropping muscle plus technical excellence are the hallmarks of his work. As relentless as his demands on his subjects were, his demands on himself in pursuit of the perfect image were even more so. The intensity and sheer visceral grit of his black and white photography have been copied by many but never equaled.

The photograph is always a reflection of the photographer and his sensibilities, and Chris’ deep love of the sport of bodybuilding and respect for his subject are visible in every image.

He’s the last holdout for film; he’s never shot digital. Now Chris has decided to turn the page—he feels he’s taken his art as far as he can, a decision that marks the end of an era. Chris defined the look of Flex with his wonderful images for more than 20 years and is the last of the artistic team that worked directly with Joe Weider—as Mike Neveux and I did before him.

Chris is more than a gifted photographer who worked incredibly hard at his craft. He’s a genuine character—and I say that with great affection. His British accent coupled with an absolutely in-your-face honesty make him fun to be around. Quick to laugh with a sardonic sense of humor, Chris will be missed for both what he brought to the sport and what he means to those of us who call him a friend. IM

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