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How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?

It's been SOO hot here in Phoenix that spending time in the pool sounds like a terrible idea. That's what you get for living in the desert.

With it being this hot, it brings up the very important topic of hydration/dehydration.

Emergency response teams are on high alert and spend a lot of the summer months treating patients with severe cases of dehydration.

Hopefully this post sheds some light on how much water you should be drinking daily so you don't spend any time in the hospital.

Why is water important?

Water helps:

  • Lubricate joints
  • Aid in digestion (chewing, swallowing etc)
  • Prevent cramps
  • Transport nutrients through the body
  • Prevent headaches
  • Maximize athletic performance

There are many more benefits (these just came to mind).

As for how much you should intake daily?

It's subjective because of activity levels, climate, body mass etc. A good gauge would be 3/4 your body weight in oz.

If you weigh 1oo lbs you should get 75 oz a day.

If you weigh 200+ lbs then a good gauge would be a gallon a day.

Watch the short video below for a more in-depth description:

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