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[Download a free issue of Iron Man Magazine for iPhone and iPad]

www.ironmanmagazine.comIRON MAN magazine has been a part of the history of bodybuilding—defined in its broadest sense to include anyone using progressive-resistance training to build muscle and strength—since it was founded by Peary and Mabel Rader in 1936.

In the beginning, Iron Man covered everything from bodybuilding and Olympic lifting to strongman events. As the various competitions evolved and grew, they spawned their own magazines. Everything became more specialized.

[Download a free issue of Iron Man Magazine for iPhone and iPad]

IRON MAN has been both a chronicler and maker of history. It was a prime mover in disseminating training and nutrition information and promoting the bodybuilding lifestyle long before that information became part of the mainstream.

Publishing bodybuilding information that will help you transform yourself and reach your goals has been the core of  this magazine’s content from the beginning and continues to be. IRON MAN remembers what has worked—we don’t have to rediscover the truths because we never forgot them. They are the foundation of bodybuilding training and nutrition today.

Much of what we know about the ”how to” of our craft was created and perfected by bodybuilders in the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s. We have honed it and continue to give it new twists, as we are always searching for new information. We are always adding to the core.

This issue is a milestone in three ways: It’s the 75th-anniversary edition, Mike Neveux and the art department have redesigned the look, and IRON MAN has taken another major step into the digital world.

We are always exploring new ways to bring you the best bodybuilding and nutrition information in this very fast-moving world. The April ’12 issue is the now available on the Apple Newsstand. While our digital edition will have all of the content of this print version, it will also be enhanced by multimedia and interactive components. In the near future, IRON MAN will be available on the Android platform as well.

Speaking of the online world, has added some of the most popular bloggers in our industry, and they bring another level of training experience to the site. Check it out, and let me know what you think.  IM

[Download a free issue of Iron Man Magazine for iPhone and iPad]


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