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Hinds Gets Equal Time

I can’t believe this. Here I am, 10 o’clock at night, writing this blog when I should be packing for my trip out of LAX tomorrow morning en route to the Flex Wheeler Classic in Minneapolis-St. Paul. I hosted Wheeler’s event last year, and told him I’d be back at the podium in 2008. But, I didn’t realize Wheeler was moving the show from Fresno (at 40 minute flight from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank), to Minnesota! That Wheeler, as shifty as they come!
Anyway, I got my man Issac Hinds so riled up with my last blog (hey, ain’t my fault Hinds is to predicting the men what Charlie Sheen is to stable relationships) that I felt I just had to let him air out his frustrations before heading out of town. I mean, the guy is terrific with the women prognostications (Isaac is the force behind the Grade A site,, so have to give him some respect. Plus, we don’t pay him for all of his non-expert commentary on “The Experts”, so this is the least I can do.
“While I’m busy working, the Swami is busy blasting me on his blog,” Hinds fumes. “What’s that all about. We all know who the number one “Expert” is on our video team, and I give a little more imput than “I just had a feeling.”
“Oh, wait, that’s Yogi’s famous line. Anyway, back to your blog. Listen, at least I pick one guy and go with it while you pick three different competitors on three different sites so you can interview the guy and them him you had him all along. Does Desmond Miller ring a bell.”
Wait a minute, wait a darn minute, Lifter. You KNOW I had the Wheels of Steel all along to win the 2006 Nationals. Okay, I did pick Evan Centopani in another one of my visions, but he finished second to Miller, then came back to win it all just 12 measley months later. What are you cryng about? I mean, it’s always better to have two interviews lined up in case one doesn’t show.
Hinds also gave me fair warning about my selection of Grigory Atoyan to win the Super Heavyweight class on the “Inside Look at the USA” video that went up on this site Wednesday. “I’ll make sure Sean Allan finds you after he wins the class, and see what you say to him. I’ll have my camera.”
You’d better be able to snap away in a hurry, Lifter, ’cause this dude will be outta da Artemus Ham Auditorium faster than Allan can say “The Swami Sucks” if that happens. Hey Sean, they edited out the part on the video where I called Atoyan the co-fave in the class, along with you, Todd Jewell, Hollywood Ferguson and Robert Hatch. Oh, Hollywood’s not competing this year?
When you check out the video, you’ll see that I fairly gives Hinds his props, pointing out that he does go with Allan in the SHW class, and Mike Liberatore, in the Heavyweight division. Just like I did; I just added Brandon Curry, Lee Banks, Branden Ray and Kirk DeFrancesco and a few other guys to the list in the latter.
“There are a few sleepers you never know about,” Hinds continued, “but Liberatore and Allan are great picks–my great picks,” Lifter shouted. “I do really like Brandon Curry’s physique, and if he can nail his conditioning you may actually be right in picking him as the pre-contest favorite.”
Certainly won’t be the first time. Right, Sean?

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