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Henry’s Dynamic Return

David Henry was missing in action last year, but not by his choice. As a member of the Armed Forces, he received deployment papers and fulfilled his duty. David made his return to the stage a dynamic one in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend by dominating the 212 division at the Europa Super Show, and setting up another great battle with Kevin English in that category at the Olympia next month in Las Vegas.

In the main event, Shawn Rhoden made it two wins in a row, but Hidetada Yamagishi edged past Toney Freeman for the runner-up slot. The X-Man finished third, with Roelly Winklaar finishing in fourth and Ed Nunn in fifth. In judging how good Winklaar looked, needless to say it was a very good line-up. The question now, of course: can Rhoden become a top six guy at the Olympia? Certainly has one of the most pleasing physiques in the game today–as does Henry.

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