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Hedda Royce Workout @ Golds Gym Venice & G-Loves

NAME: Hedda Royce
AGE: 33
WEIGHT: 118 during competition, 128 off season
HEIGHT: 5’6″

WHEN DID YOU BEGIN TRAINING?: I began weight training at age 10 to compliment my tennis tournament training regimen. 

WHY DID YOU START TRAINING?: To compliment my musculature for tennis. Ended up enjoying the fitness part the most! And that grew into a passion for me leading to education and certification and obviously an appreciation!




Lifting: 2 days on, 1 day off
Day 1: chest, hamstrings, glutes, back, abs
Day 2: OFF
Day 3: quads, glutes, abs, calves, Shoulders
Day 4: OFF
Day 5: biceps, triceps

For Cardio during show season, I do stairs and/or elliptical twice a day for 30-45 minutes.  I also teach several spin classes during the week, which I love! That’s the best part — having everyone do the cardio with me! Off season, I teach spin, go to boot camps on the beach, hike, bike, surf, pilates, run, and walk. Technically,  I never take a day off of cardio because to me a 3 mile walk is recovery!

SAMPLE BODYPART ROUTINE: I choose legs, since they are my favorite part to workout and need the most work! Frequently I mix up the order, change the weights, and in different exercises that focus on the same muscle.  I may start with 4 sets of Squats, 4 sets of leg press, walking lunges all around the gym holding dumbbells, the butt blaster (my favorite machine of all time at Gold’s Gym Venice!) and 3 sets of leg extensions.

FACTOID: I am an artist, jewelry designer, numismatist, and a gourmet chef currently dabbling in raw vegan delights!  I am also the designer and manufacturer of a women’s workout glove company called G-Loves.  You can see my designs at the end of my video workout!

SUPPLEMENTATION: Multi-vitamin, aminos, probiotic, and enzymes. 

NUTRITION: During show prep, my diet is strictly 6 meals consisting of lean protein, green veggies, and a few carb sources. Lean proteins such as tilapia, salmon, cod, chicken, ground turkey, egg whites, whey protein and flank steak.  My few greens include asparagus, green beans, broccoli, and spinach.  Carbs come only from brown rice, oatmeal, and sweet potato.  Fat sources are solely olive oil and flax oil.  Off season, I open my diet to predominantly raw vegan foods.  Lots of fruits and veggies to detox and recoup my body and make sure I am a healthy woman!

I CAN BE REACHED AT: [email protected],

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