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Hardcore Training: Mark Erpelding

Mark Erpelding Hardcore Stats (photography by Jerry Fredrick)

Hardcore Stats for Mark Erpelding

Competition weight: 220 Height: 5’8′
Age began training: 12

Titles: ’98 Tournament of Champions Overall

Bodypart split:
Monday: Chest, triceps
Tuesday: Quads
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Back, biceps
Friday: Delts, hamstrings
Abs and calves ‘whenever I can.’

Sample delt routine:
Dumbbell presses 3-4 x 6-10
Lateral raises 3-4 x 15-20
Bent-over laterals 3-4 x 20
Shrugs 3-4 x 12-20
Supplements: Creatine, glutamine, protein powder, ZMA, fat burners, protein bars, multivitamins.

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