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The Key to Increasing Anabolic Acceleration

Most people train hard enough to bring about significant gains in muscle and strength, so why isn’t everyone packing 18-inch arms? Of course genetic predisposition plays a part’but yours is probably much better than you think. In fact, you may be able to make three to four times the gains you’re making now if you improve only one factor: recuperation. The faster and better you recover after a workout, the faster you’ll increase your muscle mass and strength, getting bigger and stronger after every single workout.

It sounds good, right? Speed up your recuperation time, and chiseled muscle mass and constant strength increases will follow. But’and it’s a big but’you have to recover fully every time. Most bodybuilders don’t, which is why their gains are few and far between. If you follow that example, your subsequent workouts (no matter how much effort you expend) can actually be counterproductive, setting off a catabolic chain reaction. Your muscle gains will stall or even regress.

Do you like the idea of tripling your gains? Of course you do, so you’re probably asking (or screaming), ‘Okay, so how do I maximize my recovery after I train?’ While your recovery ability is governed by your genetics, you can supercharge your individual capacity by optimizing the anabolic window with specific postworkout nutrition.

You’re probably saying (or screaming again), ‘That’s nothing new. I eat after my workouts.’ Well, the secret to faster recovery lies in understanding exactly what to eat and when to eat after training. It’s not enough simply to eat haphazardly at some point after your workout. When and what you eat’or, more specifically, drink’after training can make or break you in the battle to build ripped muscle mass. The anabolic window is the period immediately following an intense weight-training session. It’s open for only a short time, about 45 minutes. Ideally, you should eat something within 10 to 30 minutes after training’the sooner, the better.

Understand that the anabolic window opens up completely only if you train extremely hard. A half-assed workout is like Pee-Wee Herman struggling to open a window’and barely getting it to budge. A hardcore workout is like the Hulk ripping a window out of its frame. One gets the job done; the other has no effect.

Most of the time protein synthesis is like street racing with high-octane fuel, but when you open up the anabolic window, it’s as if you switched on the nitrous for supercharged power. Your body can absorb protein more quickly and completely than at any other time. It’s when you need fast protein to move into your bloodstream and rocket straight to your muscles. You don’t want to waste such a golden anabolic opportunity’but most bodybuilders do just that.

You’re probably thinking that you should take advantage of the anabolic window by having a whey shake after you train. That’s good, but it’s like putting regular gas in a high-performance dragster. Weight training increases protein synthesis by up to 100 percent, which means your body is twice as efficient at absorbing protein after training sessions. Still, you can make it even better by spiking the anabolic hormone insulin and including a few specific amino acids in your postworkout nutrition.

Weight training, an insulin surge and high levels of amino acids, specifically glutamine and arginine, will practically guarantee incredible protein synthesis, which in turn will result in rapid recovery and more muscle.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a bunch of separate compounds and mix them together after every workout. Now you can get all of the above with the ideal postworkout recovery fuel for your high-performance muscle machine’RecoverX by Muscle-Link’and you can get it at a special low price (more on that below). Each serving provides 40 grams of whey protein (some of it hydrolyzed, which is quickest and easiest to absorb), 10 grams of glutamine peptides (the most abundant amino acid in muscle), two grams of arginine (a nitric oxide precursor for optimal blood flow and nutrient-delivery enhancement) and 60 grams of carbs, specifically formulated to cause an insulin spike to quickly drive the protein and amino acids into the muscle cells. It’s definitely a high-performance muscle fuel!

The carbs also refill glycogen stores, which is very important for muscle fullness. By the way, research shows that after a hard workout almost all the carbs you eat go to glycogen replenishment, not into fat cells. So you don’t have to worry about low-carb rules after you train. In fact, if you don’t get carbs at that time, you’re cheating yourself out of maximum muscle gains.

In a nutshell, RecoverX practically eliminates the recuperation dilemma while simultaneously maximizing anabolic acceleration’and the creamy orange flavor is absolutely delicious.

Now that you understand how critical the anabolic window is in your quest for ripped muscle mass and incredible strength, you need to add RecoverX to your supplement arsenal. Once you start using it, you’ll feel your body recovering from workouts much faster almost from the first day, and you’ll notice muscular changes within as few as five days. You’ll actually see a big difference when you look in the mirror’and everyone in your gym will notice. Your strength should also go up, to the point where you shatter every personal record you’ve set.

It’s time you put the anabolic accelerator to the floor. Get RecoverX, the premier high-performance postworkout muscle fuel, and you’ll experience the exhilaration of true grow power after every workout.

Editor’s note: Get three big four-pound canisters of RecoverX for only $79.95 (you save $40). Call 1-800-667-4626, and ask for the IRON MAN Research Team Grow Power Special, and put yourself on the fast track to extreme muscularity and strength. IM

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