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Good Immune System, Better Gains

There’s no question that if your immune system is compromised, your muscle gains will be too. That’s especially true as people age and their bodies don’t function as efficiently as possible. Look at it this way: If your body is fighting off an illness, that’s fewer resources it has for building muscle, which is a luxury, not a necessity.

One thing you can do to bolster your immunity is to eat salads with mushrooms in them. Why mushrooms?
According to the January ’14 Prevention, a 2013 study found that “people who ate dried shiitakes showed a significant increase in immune cells.”

Researchers say that compounds called polysaccharides appear to supercharge the immune system. That means you stay disease free, and your body is better able to scavenge the free radicals that will age you, not to mention build more muscle.

There have even been studies demonstrating a powerful cancer-prevention benefit from eating mushrooms—one showing up to a 64 percent decrease in breast cancer.

So be sure to chop up a few mushrooms and toss them into your salads. Or you can get mixed-mushroom capsules at your local health food store—take one daily.

—Steve Holman

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