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Golden Era Bodybuilder at Heart

Hey there. Pretty cool! My FIRST Blog Post for IronMan Magazine!

Did I say this was COOL!!??

I grew up reading IronMan mag, in fact, I was READING the magazines BEFORE I started training. My older brother was buying bodybuilding magazines and when he left them floating around the house I would pick them up and read them. I was NEVER really interested in the bodybuilders and their workouts from the late 80s when I started reading Ironman.

I was drawn more so to the bodybuilders of the 70s and earlier. If there were black and white photos and old school information I was DRAWN to it.

Well, some things NEVER change. And now I’ll be sharing with you my stories, tips and knowledge that come from these days of The Golden Era.

So, I need to ask you for a favor….. Drop me a comment, let me know your thoughts AND….. let me know what questions you have / topics you’d like covered and I’ll get after it!

Live the Code!


PS: Don’t forget, I wanna hear your comments….. drop em’ below :)

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