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Frida Paulsen Stern

Amazing abs and hypnotic stage presence makes this young Bikini pro an exciting addition to the IFBB ranks.

Interview by Mike Carlson


It’s hard to believe Frida Paulsen Stern only has two years of competition experience. Not only does her body look like she has spent years in the gym, but her stage presence—a combination of precision posing and sultry sex appeal—makes her look like a seasoned pro. The former elite level soccer (er, football) player walked off the pitch and into the gym and never looked back. She brought an athlete’s competitive drive and work ethic with her, and has since created one of the best packages of any European Bikini pro. With full round glutes and abs you can strike a match on, it’s only a matter of time before this Swedish beauty starts appearing on the biggest stages in the sport.

Mike Carlson: How did you get interested in fitness?

Frida Paulsen Stern: I’ve always been interested in sports and I’ve played football [soccer] for as long as I can remember. But I hurt my shoulders, and with rehab my interest for fitness and weight training had a chance to develop. It was my first coach who dragged me into the fitness world and encouraged me to compete.

MC: You have incredible abs! Tell us how you train them.

FPS: I very rarely do ab workouts, but I make sure that they are engaged during every exercise I do, no matter what muscle group I work on. That’s probably what keeps them in shape. I also do one to three sets of sit-ups after a workout every now and then.

MC: What is your diet like?

FPS: I basically live off chicken and rice. I find it easy with clean eating during the week, but treat myself to something nice once or twice on the weekend.


MC: How did you become a BMR athlete? 

FPS: Since I tried their products in 2013 I’ve been a big fan. I was in contact with BMR before the Arnold Classic competition in South Africa this year, and after I won and got my pro card it was an easy decision. BMR has a presence in both Sweden and in the US, and that was just the perfect combination for me!

MC: What is the hardest part of the competitive lifestyle? What do you enjoy the most?

FPS: The hardest part is definitely the diet. I love working out, but when you spend more energy in the gym than you get from food every day it’s hard to keep a smile on your face. The best part is, without doubt, when I’m onstage doing my routine. That makes it all worth it.

MC: What do you have planned for 2017?

FPS: To qualify for The Big O is my main goal for 2017, and I’ll give it my best shot!


Name: Frida Paulsen Stern

Age: 22

Lives: Solna, Stockholm

Profession: Receptionist at Sabbatsberg hospital, posing coach

Likes: Candy

Dislikes: Winter

Favorite Drink: Coke Zero

Favorite Clean Meal: Chicken with rice

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza or chicken tikka masala

Favorite Movie: The Lion King 

Who Would You Cast To Play Yourself In A Movie? Hayden Panettiere

Desert Island Exercises:  Squats, dumbbell shoulder press, pulldowns

Sponsors: BMR Sports Nutrition, Bikinis by Freydis, Competition Jewelry, LPG Stockholm

Instagram: @fridapaulsen


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