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Is it okay to eat three large meals on your cheat day? Many bodybuilders seem to look at that one “free” eating day as the time they can go hog wild; however, that’s not what a “cheat” day is designed for. It’s meant to give you metabolic momentum and to boost your leptin, the fat-burning hormone.

A good rule to follow: Even on cheat day you should limit your meal size. Why? Overfeeding, even at just one sitting, can flip on the fat-storage switch.

For example, eating a few slices of pizza is acceptable, but downing most of a large pizza pie as you growl and snarl at others who are reaching for a slice is not.

The same goes for desserts. Yes, you can indulge, but don’t eat a half-gallon of ice cream at one sitting. You can undo your entire week of good eating.

You do not want to feel like you’re going to burst after any of your free-day meals. If you do, fat storage is inevitable.

So the bottom line is, yes, you do want to bump up your carb and calorie intake, even with some simple-carb desserts, if you like. Just make sure you do it methodically throughout the day to minimize fat storage. Satisfy those cravings, but don’t pig out.

Remember, you’re trying to keep your metabolism revved and your leptin stable, not stuff yourself till you’re temporarily disabled.

—Steve Holman

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