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Fit Fast Food?

Is this even a real thing? I mean fast food is your typical burger and fries, tacos and burritos, chicken sandwiches, etc. But is there even a way to get some healthier eats while on the go and unprepared? Well yes...

I have been so busy that I didn't have time to meal prep yesterday or hit the grocery store. So that left me this morning trying to figure out what to eat and where. Thankfully, here on campus, we have a Mercado where we can get pretty decent food. My go to is always hard boiled eggs and oatmeal. And I'm so thankful for that because otherwise I would have to resort to breakfast burritos (terrible, right!?!). But this is simply one of the things I've learned along my own fitness journey to help me stay on track. There are a number of healthy foods you can get at the drive thru, you just have to know what to order and what modifications you can make to help them.

It is exciting to know that several fast food places now offer oatmeal at breakfast. Albeit not the healthiest oatmeal I've ever had, but still better. If only they offered hard boiled eggs, we all would be set! Now trying to get proper protein is where it gets difficult at the window. Sometimes I order a breakfast platter and just throw out everything but the eggs. Although, I'm sure you can order the eggs as just a side, I've just never tried it. Again, not the healthiest, but better than the breakfast sandwich and hash browns!

Lunch and dinner is a whole different story. And this is where you have to get even more creative. Salads are of course the go to, but with all the toppings and dressings, you might as well get a burger. First things first, ditch the ranch. Yes it's delicious and makes the salad eatable, but let's face it, when you're drowning your salad in ranch dressing (or any dressing for that matter) you lose all nutritional value. Go for a vinaigrette dressing. Toss out any crunchy toppings like tortilla strips, and yes, hold the cheese. All these do are add unnecessary calories that work against you.

Now if you don't fancy a salad, portion control is going to be your friend. I like to order kids meals. Not only are they the actual portions that adults should be eating, but you get some more healthier options like fruit as a side. Some places do have the option to order fruit or salad as a side, but the main burger or sandwich is still way too big. So I get the kids meals, and yes I keep the toy. But honestly, it's the best way to control your portions. You don't need the triple bacon double stack with extra cheese. You might as well order a heart attack! So unless it's your cheat meal, tone it down a bit.

So anyways, these are just a few ways to help make your trip through the drive thru much easier. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to be prepared and always meal prep, but s&@! happens and sometimes that's your only option. Now it's your turn. What do you do to make fast food fit?

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