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Finding The WILL To WIN

You’ll often hear me say “All great achievement starts first with the strength of will.” So let me quantify that statement.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were simply able to will it to happen?

Maybe it seemed impossible on the surface but somehow, through sheer grit, determination and will power you were able to overcome all the obstacles and resistance to get what you wanted or achieve something extraordinary?

Of course you have.

On the other hand there was likely a time (or two) when you set a goal for yourself and somewhere along the way you either lost interest or… it became too challenging or difficult to achieve and so you just – gave up, quit or forgot about it.

Perhaps your WILL to WIN or succeed proved, at that moment, to be a no match for the opposition or resistance you encountered.

Your will, your power, your strength

Since Strength of Will seems to be of such massive importance to our ability to succeed I believe it’s worth a little exploration.
I’ve said this countless times and I’ll say it again because it warrants repeated repeating.“You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.”

The what is the target, the goal, the desired outcome. And indeed identifying your “WHAT” is absolutely critical to your success. The mistake, however, many ‘would be champions‘ make is thinking that the what is also the motivation.

But here is the thing.

Your “WHAT” is not your FUEL. It’s the “objective” not the juice that will push, pull or drag you kicking and screaming if necessary over, under, around or through all the obstacles that stand between it and you.

Let your WILL be fueled by your WHY

The real juice, the FUEL, the catalyst for achieving your objective is the same thing that also feeds the muscle of your WILL. It’s The WHY. It’s the reason you want what you want in the first place!

You want a great physique… terrific – WHY
You want a championship title… fantastic – WHY
You want to be rich, healthy, happy… great – why, why, why?

It’s been said and it’s also been my experience that “if the WHY is great enough – the how no longer matters”

With a great enough WHY… your determination and strength of WILL will simply not allow you to fail… period!

If your WHY however is superficial, inconsequential or lacks real substance than your WILL and ability to achieve what you want will also be week and superficial.

Imagine yourself at the tail end of a long and intense leg workout when you are trying to muscle your way through a grueling final set of squats with zero fuel (I said 0 fuel) left in your body, for example. Can it be done physically? NO!… Well maybe!

With enough leverage in the form of an empowering and motivating WHY, however, you’ll find the strength deep down inside to WILL your way through it.

Let’s face it… creating an outstanding, sexy, championship physique much less getting and staying rich, healthy and happy is going to require some serious will power, passion and determination.
That kind of determination and strength of will doesn’t come from wanting to go head to head in abs showdown with “The Situation,” just looking good on the beach, or taking home a big piece of hardware at some contest. If that’s what you’re counting on I can all but guarantee you won’t make it past the first sign of real resistance.

You must get clear on your compelling WHY.

Not the superficial surface WHY – but rather the deep down in your core driving force WHY. That’s the WHY that will spawn the strength of WILL to WIN.
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