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Fatty Acids For Lean Muscles

A new study suggests that your level of omega-3 fatty acid intake prior to a workout can influence how your muscles respond to training and nutrition.

A meta-analysis reported in the journal Marine Drugs examined the effects that omega-3s have on skeletal muscle. They concluded that omega-3 fatty acids of “marine origin” (meaning, fish oil or the popular red krill oil, which have higher levels of DHA and EPA than vegetable sources) can have such a beneficial impact on muscular adaptations that regular intake can potentially alter the trajectory of a number of human diseases, including aging. This information points to the benefits that fish-based omega-3s can exert on the size of muscle as well as the function (strength) and whole body metabolism (fat-burning). If you get most of your omega-3s from seeds or avocados, which contain more ALA than DHA and EPA, think about incorporating a fish-oil supplement into your regimen.


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