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Shed even more fat with the new and improved Hydroxycut formula.

Shed even more fat with the new and improved Hydroxycut formula.

MuscleTech Research and Development has just released a new and improved Hydroxycut formula. Never content to sit on its laurels, MuscleTech has discovered a revolutionary fat-burning compound that can take your fat loss to new levels. This trademarked ingredient is exclusive to MuscleTech and promises to help you burn fat 24 hours a day’yes, even while you sleep.

MuscleTech scientists, through exhaustive research, have concentrated the original Hydroxycut formula to fit into a smaller serving size. Now you get even greater fat-burning and energizing effects from Hydroxycut without having to take as many capsules. Add the new and improved Hydroxycut formula to your training program, and you can get a shredded physique even easier. If you are among the thousands across America who have used Hydroxycut and gotten great results, just imagine how much fat you could quickly burn with the new and improved formula.

The superior Nitro-Tech ready-to-drink protein shakes have arrived.

MuscleTech Research and Development, a leader in sports supplementation, is very proud to announce it has engineered its first-ever, high-protein/low-carb ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shakes. MuscleTech is now able to offer bodybuilders the exclusive ingredients of the Nitro-Tech protein powder in an ultraconvenient ready-to-drink form. The company is confident the new Nitro-Tech RTDs will be especially effective in helping to promote huge gains in shredded mass and strength while helping you lose fat.

Available in three mouth-watering flavors’Chocolate Swirl, Vanilla Swirl and Strawberry Swirl’these RTDs contain a whopping 40 grams of protein, making them the most protein-dense RTDs around. They also contain 19 essential vitamins and minerals. Nitro-Tech RTDs taste so good, you’d swear you were sipping a delicious milkshake. Getting your daily protein requirement has never been so easy. Just shake, open and enjoy. It’s that simple. Look for the new Nitro-Tech ready-to-drinks in your local health food stores’they’ll be going fast.

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