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Eat To Grow: Take That!

Things you can use to enhance your gains.

Some supplements are a waste of money, while others can increase growth and improve performance. The June 1999 International Journal of Sport Nutrition gave its views on the supplements with the most promise for athletes:

Protein: ‘Protein and amino acid supplementation may serve an anabolic role by optimizing body composition crucial to strength-related sports.’

Vitamins: ‘Dietary antioxidants, such as vitamins C, E and carotenes, may prevent oxidative stress that occurs with intense exercise.’ Creatine: ‘Performance during high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting [and bodybuilding], may be improved with short-term creatine loading, and high-effort exercise lasting one to seven minutes may be improved through bicarbonate loading immediately prior to activity.’ Caffeine: ‘Caffeine dosing before exercise delays fatigue and may enhance performance of high-intensity exercise.’

Carbohydrates: ‘Studies have consistently shown that carbohydrates consumed immediately before and after exercise enhance performance by increasing glycogen stores and delaying fatigue.’

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