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Eat To Grow: Java Jolt

How much is too much when it comes to health?

Caffeine can help improve workouts, but too much, in the form of coffee, can be harmful to your health. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (72[5]:1107-1110; 2000) reported, ‘Consumption of one liter [or about four eight-ounce cups] of paper-filtered coffee (using a total of 70 grams of regular ground coffee beans) significantly raised homocysteine levels in 26 volunteers, ages 18 to 53.’ The average increase was 18 percent. Homocysteine can do direct damage to the artery walls if levels rise above normal, which is why the researchers say, ‘An elevated plasma concentration of total homocysteine is considered to be a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease.’

The effect was seen within two weeks.

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