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Eat To Grow: Go With a Flow

Selenium can improve prostate health, too.

‘ Most men eventually end up with prostate problems as they get older. Such problems may take the form of benign prostate hypertrophy, which can block some urine flow and affect sexual function, or the more serious prostate cancer, which can result in the removal of the prostate. Potentially good news comes from a report in the January ’01 issue of Prevention: ‘Selenium is hot. Right now hundreds of men in at least six major studies are testing the power of selenium supplements to either prevent or slow the growth of existing tumors. Scientists hope that they can confirm a promising 1994 Arizona study in which men who took 200 micrograms of selenium per day for 10 years cut their prostate cancer risk by 63 percent.’

The article stated that the recommended daily value for selenium is 70 micrograms but that most men don’t get even that much. It looks as if supplementation is the way to go, with 200 micrograms being the beneficial and potentially risk-cutting dose; however, higher levels can be toxic, so use that number as your upper limit. IM

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