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Eat To Grow: Carb Your Appetite

Carbs during exercise can suppress hunger after.

Researchers from Colorado State University tested the effects of taking in carbs during moderate-intensity exercise and the aftereffects of those carbs on subsequent food consumption. Thirteen women, ages 18 to 35, were assigned to one of four regimens:

1) Carbs and exercise. The women trained at a moderate pace (65 percent of maximum oxygen uptake) and consumed a drink containing 45 grams of carbs at regular intervals.

2) Carbs and no exercise. The women drank the same carb drink while inactive.

3) No carbs and exercise. The women did the same exercise but drank a zero-carb placebo drink.

4) No carbs and no exercise. The women drank the carb-free drink and did no exercise.

After a 90-minute recovery the subjects ate from a buffet. The results showed slightly less fat burning in the women who got the actual carb drink than in those who got the placebo; however, the women who drank the carb drink while exercising also ate less at the postexercise buffet and took in fewer calories later in the day, which led the researchers to conclude, ‘In young women who engage in regular exercise, ingestion of 45 grams of carbohydrate during exercise only moderately suppresses total fat oxidation but results in lower energy intake for the remainder of the day following the exercise bout.’ IM

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