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Eat To Grow: Boosting T and Recovery

Fuzu Beyond Tribulus and Recover-X

FUZU: Beyond Tribulus.

The name may sound as if it belongs to a Pokemon character, but there’s nothing at all lightweight about Syntrax Innovations’ new ergogenic optimizer FUZU.

Tribulus is heralded by the athletic community for its ability to increase natural testosterone production, and research shows that the ingredients that cause that action are furostanolic saponins, such as protodioscin and protogracillin. Most supplement companies just standardize their tribulus products for total saponins, which are mostly spirostanolic and have no ergogenic value whatsoever. Research shows you need between 500 and 1,000 milligrams per day of these powerful compounds to achieve results.

FUZU caps contain 150 milligrams of furostanolic saponins from the most potent tribulus extract. The company didn’t stop there, however; it also found two other plants that are bountiful in furostanolic saponins’dioscorea deltoidea and fenugreek’and Syntrax added 150 milligrams of furostanolic saponins from each. FUZU caps give you 450 milligrams of furostanolic saponins,10 times more than any product in their category. For more information visit or call 1-888-321-BFIT.

RecoverX: Max Out Your Anabolic Window.

Fact 1: After you train, your muscles are ready to suck up nutrients like dried-out sponges. That postworkout period is called the anabolic window of opportunity.

Fact 2: High blood insulin levels increase protein synthesis in your muscles up to 50 percent.

Fact 3: When an abundance of amino acids is available, along with high insulin levels, muscle-building rates can increase a whopping 150 percent above normal. That’s a huge increase in protein synthesis that can translate into extraordinary size increases.

Those discoveries have prompted Muscle-Link to produce the ultimate postworkout anabolic elixir, RecoverX, with fast carbs’60 grams per serving’and fast proteins, such as hydrolyzed whey’40 grams per serving. Other key ingredients are arginine’two grams for more glycogen uptake by the muscle cells’methoxyisoflavone for an increased anabolic kick (see the study cited on page 60, verifying the anabolic power of isoflavones) and glutamine peptides for optimal muscle recovery.

If you’re looking for the most hypertrophic bang for your workout buck, get RecoverX. It may be the most important supplement you use to fling open the anabolic window and pack on pounds of muscle.

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