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Does Your Attitude Suck? Take The Test

Do You Have a Loser Attitude?

Bad attitudes come in all shapes and sizes but there are two types that are the most pervasive and infectious – and neither one is exclusive to NJ.

The first is always complaining about how crappy life is and that they can never catch a break or the reason they’re not where they want to be yet is because the universe is conspiring against them at every turn.

They’re always down and they love to drag everyone else down with them.  These are the “Victims”

And then there the “victimizers” – nothing is ever good enough for these guys and it’s always some other poor idiots fault and never theirs that they’re not where they want to be in life. 

They’re entitled to special treatment and are constantly bragging about how cool, smart, sexy or accomplished they are… but make no bones about putting everyone else down especially those who are more accomplished than they are.

And as much as you and I, with no discernibly bad attitude – either can’t tolerate, loath, feel sorry for or outright despise the victims and the victimizers – there’s a very good chance we ourselves display some or all of those attitude characteristics.  That’s right… even you mister perfect.

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Here’s my 5 point attitude check list.  Answer yes to anyone of these 5 and my friend – you have a bad attitude and need to make an adjustment… like right now.

1.    You use the words “I” in every sentence

2.    You think you’re entitled to special treatment from everybody

3.    You get freaking pissed off if  a waiter brings you a cob salad instead of your Caesar

4.    You think yours truly (me)  is an asshole and all this “mind set” stuff is a crock a shit

5.    You just can’t win – no matter what.

“It’s not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude” ~ Zig Zigler

Adjusting your weights, routines and nutrition all you want it will only get you so far. If you want to rise to the top adjust your freaking attitude.

Your thoughts….?

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