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Do This to Avoid Brain Drain

7308-prime2Recent research out of Brazil showed that when rats ran on a running wheel, they developed significantly more hippocampal neurons in the brain, which improves functions like memory.

The exercising rats performed better on memory tests than non-exercising rats; however, when the exercising rats were prevented from exercising, the brain improvements dissipated after only a few weeks.

It’s the extra oxygen and blood flow that do the trick—so your body and brain will continue to tick.

That means when you walk, do it at a good clip. When you do your weight workouts, minimize the rest between sets so you get that built-in oxygenating effect.

As the study says, consistency is key. You have to keep at it—exercise for the rest of your life, and also eat right. Certain foods can have negative effects on your body as well as your brain.

In fact, scientists believe one food is the most harmful for your brain, and most people eat large quantities of it every day: simple sugar.

You may know that too much simple sugar can cause insulin resistance and even diabetes, but many medical professionals have begun referring to Alzheimer’s disease as “type 3 diabetes.” Insulin resistance and cognitive decline go hand in hand. So minimize your simple-carb intake.

—Steve Holman

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