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Do The Weights Lift You Up part 3

[A true master]
When I was in grade school, the teachers always gave tests after the lesson had been taught; weight training has always given me the test first, and then the lessons have ensued. The test in this case is choosing to pursue the path toward the physique, mindset, and emotional stability of a trainee and in many respects a trainer. As a trainer, what one successfully learns, one can teach as a true master. The lessons are basically numerous points where objectives are satisfied to reach preset goals and benchmarks. This is the opposite of school; schools are where the lessons are taught often with no particular goal in the students’ minds, initially. However, the trainee with focus will succeed and significantly, removing all flaws as he or she proceeds.

The truly uplifted trainee is fulfilled based on the mere anticipation of training, and the performance enhances and enriches the fulfillment. The emotional investment is currency for the devoted trainee committed to maintaining his or her regimen. As we go through the trials and adversities of life, each rep reinforces and seals the unrelenting, intense dedication we have to ourselves with legitimacy not only rooted in the iron but the results produced through pushing forward.

[Drown out the voice of doubt]
Throughout my lifting career, I’ve entered the gym literally thousands of times. Each time I enter, I enter with uncertainty of my resolve. I ask myself, “Can I manage my emotions enough to conquer the unavoidable suffering I would endure?” It has been a long journey. Through decades of training, I have learned that the weights lift us up in the moment when we are most vulnerable and imbalanced. This is the moment we must drown out the voice of doubt and conjure up the courage to prevail. It is at that point that we overcome self-deprecation ; we overcome all the negative aspects within ourselves that fight against improvement. These are the voices that cannot relinquish things that work against us and undermine our strength. These are the voices that undermine our focus on actions that lead to success in all aspects of life. We have to disrupt the negativity and see that through pain and struggle we can become our best selves . This is accomplished through shedding of all the impurities and inadequacies we give power to; once we do this, we can proceed forward.

The determination to summon the strength to overcome strife in all aspects of life, specifically in weight and fitness training, redefines who we are by testing our mettle, our guts, our core fortitude. It is an ongoing battle for mental real estate in order to invigorate and maintain physical prowess and excellence. Each repetition rendered is the resistance needed to perpetuate growth. The growth and the power, once locked in a manifested reciprocity, enable us to transcend any obstacles foreseen and unforeseen.

[Fitness becomes our refuge]
As we climb along the topography of our mind, the mental mountain tops and valleys, we grasp on our goals as they come into reach. We now rely on the weights to elevate us to the peak of fitness perfection. As we ascend even higher, our range of motion is not only stretched and perfected, but the range of our resilience and endurance is tested. The truth is the more we lift, the more we gain the ability to uplift ourselves as well as others. It’s through this process of self-edification that we give ourselves a virtual eternal gift to lift, to rise above all challenges and continue our journey of self-perfection, grounded and rooted in our training regimen . Fitness becomes not only an escape but a refuge from a world of problems and issues that weightlifting provides insights, answers, and the structure to discover them. In essence, the gym now becomes a gymnasium to workout the toll of life’s stress and burdens. Below are the main three components to weights raising our minds, bodies, and souls.

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