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Do The Weights Lift You Up Part 2

[We can never rise above the level of our thoughts]

We can never rise above the level of our thoughts; therefore, we have to continue allowing our thoughts to elevate and stretch past the horizon of doubt, despair, and self- incapacitation. Many of us have become our own workout wardens , who hold the key to our fitness freedom. There’s no negotiating an early release, because with the iron you must commit the full time to gain your fitness freedom. Don’t be a slave to fear, doubt, or second-guessing the extent of your success and proficiency as an individual and as a fitness aficionado. Once you eradicate the negative aspects of life, achievement is just a matter of time and focus. When the mental and physical forms begin to coincide the symmetry and definition now become apparent; when our emotions reflect the depth of our minds, our minds become the foundation rooted in controlling our emotions and maintaining the development of our bodies as trainees. Once the body, mind, and emotions are aligned, we reach a point of functional serendipity. No matter what life throws at you, your fitness destiny stands there silently waiting for you to take command. Once you take command, you have made the choice to take control. Once you take control you have chosen the path to succeed.

When I was in grade school, the teachers always gave tests after the lesson had been taught; weight training has always given me the test first, and then the lessons have ensued. The test in this case is choosing to pursue the path toward the physique, mindset, and emotional stability of a trainee and in many respects a trainer. As a trainer, what one successfully learns, one can teach as a true master. The lessons are basically numerous points where objectives are satisfied to reach preset goals and benchmarks. This is the opposite of school; schools are where the lessons are taught often with no particular goal in the students’ minds, initially. However, the trainee with focus will succeed and significantly, removing all flaws as he or she proceeds.

The truly uplifted trainee is fulfilled based on the mere anticipation of training, and the performance enhances and enriches the fulfillment. The emotional investment is currency for the devoted trainee committed to maintaining his or her regimen. As we go through the trials and adversities of life, each rep reinforces and seals the unrelenting, intense dedication we have to ourselves with legitimacy not only rooted in the iron but the results produced through pushing forward.


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