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Different Continents, Same Results

Same story, different location. The Sheru Classic, held in Mumbai, India, over the weekend, may have been some 8,500 miles away from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the show ended up being a rerun from what we saw at the Mr. Olympia last week. To no one’s surprise, I might add.

Phil Heath, who took away the Sandow from Jay Cutler seven days earlier, came out on top again, with Cutler finishing second, Kai Greene third, Victor Martinez fourth and Dennis Wolf fifth. At the Olympia, Dexter Jackson placed sixth; Dex didn’t compete in Mumbai but Toney Freeman, seventh at the 0, moved into sixth in India. Heath, who pocketed 200 grand for his victory in Sin City, added another $50,000 to his bankbook with the unanimous victory. I wasn’t there but a couple of people who were told me tHealth was an easy choice as the winner, but the battle between between Cutler and Greene for second could have gone either.

1. Phil Heath (10)
2. Jay Cutler (23)
3. Kai Greene (28)
4. Victor Martinez (41)
5. Dennis Wolf (48)

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