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Diego Sebastian Arm Training

Diego Sebastian Arm Training on

Diego Sebastian has a burning passion for training, and it shows in the smokin-hot body he displays. The Buenos Aires–born, Los Angeles–based trainer, model and actor famously fell into the fitness lifestyle on his way to becoming a fireman. So, rather than putting out fires, he sets muscles ablaze with growth-promoting workouts like the sizzling superset arm routine he described in a recent conversation.

IM: Let’s start with your stats—age, height and ripped bodyweight.

DS: Forty-four years old; 6’4; 220 pounds.

IM: What do you do for a living? Any sponsorship contracts?

DS: I’m a celebrity trainer and the owner of Battalion 4 Food—organic meals delivered nationwide, including gluten-free and vegetarian menus. My sponsors include Pansar Sweden (, Kinetix (Kxclothing
.com) and V-MODA (

IM: How did you get into bodybuilding?

DS: I was actually a skinny kid even up to college. I decided to become a firefighter and needed to increase my upper-body strength. So I made a full commitment to training. I’d trained all my life and in the gym since high school athletics but never took it seriously and never saw any gains until I made the commitment in my early 20s. I used standard fundamental bodybuilding techniques as my foundation. I was consistent and made good gains—about 10 pounds of muscle a year for four years, going from 165 to 205.

IM: Everybody loves an eye-popping set of arms. How do you train yours? Can you give us samples of your biceps and triceps routines?


Incline skull crushers 2 x 10-8

Seated dumbbell curls 2 x 10-8


Cable pushdowns 2 x 10-8

Close grip EZ-curl-bar
curls 2 x 10-8


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