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Delmonteque Service Set for Wednesday

On January 23, 2011, the fitness world lost one of it’s greatest stars when Jack LaLanne passed on at 96. On November 21 we saw another industry icon, Bob Delmonteque, leave this earth at the age of 93. The cause of death, according to Bob’s daughter Michele Ecklund, was brain cancer. “Bob had brain cancer for several years, but I don’t know the exact date of diagnosis,” Michele wrote me earlier in the week.

Funeral services for Delmonteque, a noted model, author and photographer, will be held at Holy Cross Cemetery this Wednesday, November 30, at 1 p.m. The cemetery is located at 5835 W. Slauson Ave. in Culver City, CA. Michele said there will be a reception following the service.

I knew Bob for 25 years. Like Jack, Bob was always a bundle of energy, with a sense of humor that matched his physical attributes. He loved it when he saw the shocked expression on people’s faces when I told them how old this lithe fella really was. I always kidded with him, saying it was his full, thick head of hair that I wanted more than his supreme physique. Of course, he knew I would taken settled for both in a heartbeat.

Godspeed Bob, you were a true inspiration to all of us. And say hi to Jack for us in between your sets at his “Heaven’s Fitness Center.”

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