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Cutler, West Coast Classic Set for June 26

We’re in the seventh inning stretch for the first NPC AmiLean West Coast Classic; yup, June 26 is right around the corner, and the entries are starting to roll in at a much faster pace. Deadline for entries is June 19, before the late fee kicks in. So, do us both a favor and get it done now!

This will be an interesting year: new national qualifier, new name (formerly Junior Cal) and new venue (El Monte High School Auditorium). But, don’t be scared off–go to the contest website ( and all your queries will be answered. I hope.

Of course, the star attraction for the evening will be three-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, who last season became the first-ever person to lose, then regain the Sandow trophy. Talked to Jay a while back, and he said he’s feeling great, and looking forward to meeting all his fans at the event. Said he’d probably be carrying about 285 pounds on his 5’9″ frame on the 26th.

Top USA contender PD Devers not only has one of the best physiques in the game, but ranks right at the top when it comes to ranking electrifying performers. You tell me if he belongs in the “elite” class after Devers displays his talents at the show. What I really can’t wait for, though, is the debut of Asia Monet Ray, the 4-year-old fitness phenom who says Sugar Shawn Ray is her pop. So, Shawn will be at the contest, natch–as well as many other icons of the industry.

Okay, ’nuff for now. Keep checking back for updates.

Over, under, and out.

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