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Crappy Tummy Tamer

• According to the September ’13 Reader’s Digest, sewage may soothe. Say what? “With a procedure informally known as a poop transplant, researchers found that transferring stool from a healthy person into the gut of someone infected with C.difficile, a deadly bacteria, cured 15 out of 16 persistent cases.” Not making this up—it’s from a 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Sh#@ happens—and apparently can do good things for, and in, others.

• Guys are always looking for ways to raise their gal’s sex drive. Here’s one from the June ’12 Health: “Bananas and avocados are believed to increase testosterone—and libido—in women.” Of course, watching her eat a banana will definitely increase yours.

• Ever wonder what the heck causes a brain freeze when you’re eating something cold? Too bad; I’m going to tell you anyway. The August ’13 Bottom Line Health says it’s really just a headache that starts and ends quickly. “When you eat ice cream or drink something cold too quickly, it rapidly chills the arteries at the back of the throat that feed blood to the brain. The sudden cold constricts those arteries, which reduces blood flow affecting nerves that cause the brief, intense sensation of pain known as a brain freeze.” The scientific name for it is sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia. Remeber that the next time you’re eating ice and it feel like someone shot a nail gun into your temple.

—Steve Holman


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