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Countdown to the 08 Junior Cal

You’re probably in front of the boob tube as I write this, watching the Lakers and Celtics go at it in game five of the NBA Finals. I’ve got too much on my mind to sit and enjoy the battle. First off, summer session at Pasadena City College starts tomorrow (Monday), less than a week since I finished the Spring semesters at both PCC and East Los Angeles College. And, of course, we’re only five days away from my annual Junior Cal. In other words, no rest for the weary. No complaints, though–way, way nicer problem than not having an empty plate, literally and figureatively.

On Saturday, I made the 35 mile trek to Yogi Avidan’s to shoot a final reminder video about the event. Of course, if you went to this site at all in the past three months, or directly to my website (or my myspace page), you would already know the details. So click on it as soon as you finish reading this, and view the tape shot yesterday. As the film shows, I really like toys. What am I saying? Like I said, check it out and enjoy the ride.

Prejudging starts at 11 am, finals at 6 pm. Too late to write me for tickets and no, you can’t order them on line. But, the good news is that Sexson Auditorium at PCC holds 2,000, and there won’t be any problem at all buying tickets at the show, and settling into a great seat. It’s general seating, so the earlier you get there, the better.

Of course, two-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler is the highlight of the show as he returns as the featured guest poser. Cathy LeFrancois is also scheduled to guest pose, but has a foot injury and is “iffy” at the moment. But, Cathy will be at her familiar post at the Gaspari Nutrition booth. And, IFBB Figure star, and current American Gladiator Tanji Johnson (aka “Stealth”) is coming to greet the fans and sign autographs.
Figure pro Amy Peters and top NPC star Steve Kuclo are going to open the show with a special guest posing skit, so don’t be late! And, knows who else just might end up on stage, sans shirt, pants, before the evening is over?
Sugar Ray & Jay Shawn Ray is coming to the prejudging (repping Vyo Tech), Flex Wheeler will be with the EFX gang, Kris and Marika Gethin are flying in from Idaho to man the booth, to name a few. Will Chris Cormier show up, a la last year, or will he be in Chicago, like Isaac (Lifter) Hinds, at the Junior Nationals?

Although I was concerned two weeks ago about the number of entries, they’ve been flying in since then; at this point I have the second most in hand in the 10 year history of the show going into the contest….and I’m sure there will be more in my mailbox on Monday and Tuesday (last year was the most, when I ended up with 100 competitors).

Last year’s winners Kiyoshi Moody, Dallas Malloy and Jeane Sunseri have told me they will be coming back to help hand out awards in the divisions they toppled last season. Kiyoshi Moody Dallas Malloy Jeane Sunseri

One of my entries in Figure has told me that Lenda Murray–yes, THAT Lenda Murray–trained her, and suggested she make her contest debut on the PCC stage. So, I’m guessing that the Ms. O record holder will be inside Sexson the venue as well. Okay, I’ve pushed the show enough. At least I think six months is enough. Hope to see ya all in Pasadena on Saturday. Over, under and out–but not for the Lakers, just yet, I see. We’re going back to Boston.

Over, under and out–but not for the Lakers, just yet, I see. We’re going back to Boston.

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