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  • D-rail D-pression

    If you don’t get out in the sun often, take vitamin D supplements, at least 2,000 international units per day. And...

    Becky HolmanNovember 26, 2010
  • Lube Up to Keep Repping

    Older athletes often complain of joint pain after intense workouts, and some of those aches could be from mild-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis....

    Becky HolmanOctober 25, 2010
  • Heart Help

    It’s no secret that cardiovascular disease is a big—if not the biggest—health problem. Upping your vitamin D intake can help. According...

    Becky HolmanAugust 17, 2010
  • C: The Master Recovery Agent

    Vitamin C is important to human health and plays a key role in regulating wound healing, immune function, liver detoxification and...

    George Redmon, Ph.D., N.D.July 3, 2010
  • Up Your Iodine

    Back in the early days of bodybuilding there were no fat burners to facilitate the ripping process. Those who were looking...

    Becky HolmanJune 18, 2010
  • Pyruvate: Muscle-and-Leanness Compound

    Simply put, pyruvate is formed during the metabolism, or digestion, of sugars and starches. It’s a key compound that jump-starts the...

    George Redmon, Ph.D., N.D.May 28, 2010
  • Mental Might

    A study published in Neurology (71:825-832, 2008) found that older people whose bodies are low on vitamin B12 can be at increased...

    Becky HolmanMay 7, 2010
  • Environment Pollution Solution

    A study recently published in Free Radical Biological Medicine found that air pollutants in urban environments significantly reduce antioxidants in the body’s...

    Becky HolmanMay 1, 2010
  • Fight Muscle-Eating Acid

    Another way that a high-acid diet can promote muscle loss is by increasing the release of cortisol, the primary catabolic hormone.

    Jerry BrainumFebruary 6, 2010
  • Just the Flax

    It’s been reported that fish oil is superior to flaxseed oil for essential fatty acid absorption and uptake into the body....

    Becky HolmanDecember 29, 2009
  • Calcium: A Testosterone Booster?

    Mention the word calcium, and just about everyone thinks about bones or teeth. It’s true that the majority of calcium is...

    Jerry BrainumDecember 8, 2009
  • Food Facts

    •B-vitamins may improve memory. Researchers gave mice with dementia nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, and the animals performed memory tests...

    Becky HolmanNovember 8, 2009
  • Multilevel Targeting

    Many educated dietitians believe that you should get all of the nutrients your body needs from the food you eat. They...

    Becky HolmanOctober 24, 2009
  • Exercise and Sports Nutrition

    I’m frequently asked to recommend an authoritative source of scientific information about sports nutrition. While there are many such sources, most...

    Jerry BrainumSeptember 10, 2009
  • Food Facts

    Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) improves a specific cell function that can reduce headaches, according to a study reported in Neurology. About 100...

    Becky HolmanJuly 5, 2009