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Canada’s Lavoie Wins Open, Masters at North American

Well, my pick of Greg Atoyan to make amends at the North American Championships for his third place finish at the USA wasn’t such a hot vision. As a matter of fact, Atoyan didn’t even compete in the Super Heavyweight class this time; he dropped down a division, I assume, to come in “tighter”. This didn’t do the trick, either; Grigori didn’t make the top five. And, to add insult to injury, he ended up in the same class as the star of the weekend, Canada’s Marc Lavoie, who picked up Overall victories in both the Open and Masters (40-plus) divisions as he earns the right to move on to the pro ranks.
I did mention Lee Banks and Darrell Terrell, though–and they did pretty well, finishing second and third, respectively, behind Lavole in the HW class, to give the Swami a halfway decent vision quest for the Cleveland, Ohio event.
Congrats to the other class winners at the Gary Udit promoted contest: Kirk DeFrancesco (SHW),
Chulsey Graham (LHW), Hugo Ortiz (MW), Travis French (WW), Bernabe Ramirez (LW) and David Williams (BW).

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