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Can You Get Ripped Through Diet Alone?

Good question. Context is key in answering this.

To make it simple. Yes, you can get pretty ripped up without the use of gym weights. It’s totally possible.

Getting ripped is a product of a low body fat percentage. A low body fat percentage can be attained without the use of dumbbells and barbells.

Does this mean you don’t or shouldn’t lift weights?

That’s totally up to you…

…It’s important that you understand a few things first, though, if this is the route you want to go.

1. If you have body fat to lose, Cardio will help in reducing that.

My “favorite” cardio is HIIT Training or Sprinting. I’d love to see more guys doing HIIT workouts and crushing it for 20-30 minutes rather than skipping cardio all together. It’s super quick and efficient.

HIIT workouts can be completed without any equipment. Think burpees, push ups, squats, jumping jacks etc. The list is endless. Depending on where you are physically, you can put on some muscle along with cutting unwanted body fat.

2. If you are trying to build (MORE) muscle, weights should be included.

There is nothing wrong with a lean ripped physique. It looks good on the beach, looks good at the gym, and most likely will look good naked. However, if you want to add some size then you must throw around some iron.

The term progressive overload comes into play here. If you’re consistently doing the same thing over and over again your body will begin to adapt. Your neurological system gets bored and stops changing

(Do you ever notice this with some people at the gym? They continue to do the same thing week in and week out and nothing changes?)

It’s imperative that you begin to add some resistance so that you don’t become stagnant.

This can be done a few ways:

1. Add more sets
2. Add more reps
3. Add more movements
4. Add more weight

The last one is important. You want to destroy your muscle fibers and utilize proper rest and nutrition to start making gains. Speaking of nutrition….

3. Nutrition is of utmost importance

With no weight lifting (the difficulty level is high and there is some sort of genetic gift that needs to come into play but it is possible) your nutrition needs to be on point. You can speed up the process with weights but it can be done without them.

When it comes to nutrition, at this stage of the game you will most likely be reducing your carb intake, while simultaneously raising your fat intake (minimally) and keeping your protein in line. The reduction of carbs during a cutting phase can speed up the process.

As usual, good rule of thumb is to buy meats and veggies along with small amounts of fruits and minimal but healthy grains. I also recommend a bunch of eggs too!

Your body is pretty amazing. You can do a lot of things other than jacking steel.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of weight training and would recommend you LIFT weights for the best results. Plus, I don’t see any downside to ever wanting to get stronger?

That should be a major priority for someone wanting to get in killer shape.

So can you get ripped with diet alone? Yes, but to speed up the process throw in some weight training and cardio!

Hope this helps. Your goal today is to Crush It.

Get it done.


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