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Bundling Up for Montana

I’m pulling out the pea coat and sweater; on the way to my first ever venture Friday into Montana. Bozeman, to be exact. Will be emceeing the Yellowstone Classic at the Emerson Center Saturday evening. Promoters Jeff and Kati Kovick assure me it will be absolutely beautiful weather…some rain, snow and temps hovering around the the 50 degree mark during the day, ’bout 20 degrees cooler in the evening. Say what? Hey, I’m strictly a So Cal dude, so those numbers equate to FRIGID to me! Looking for the Davey Crockett hat as I type…hey, it is Halloween weekend, afterall.

Should be a fun show. Jeff says the 700-seart arena has been sold out for awhile now. Branch and Trish Warren, coming off their third place finishers at the Olympia last month, will be guest posing, along with the Asian Sensation, Hidetada Yamagishi, who made it back to back top 10 finishes on the Orleans Arena stage.

If you’re reading this, and will be at the show, make sure you come up and say hi. If you can figure out who I am under all the winter garments, that is.

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