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Book Review: The Precontest Bible

The gospel according to Larry Pepe

Larry Pepe has been involved in the bodybuilding and fitness fields for two decades in virtually every capacity imaginable. He’s been a competitor, a judge and a consultant to athletes in the areas of contest prep, competitive decisions and even business strategies.

Pepe, who pens a monthly column for MuscleMag International (he also writes training pieces), has interviewed virtually every top bodybuilder in the world, so he was a natural condidate to do a book about precontest approach.

In fact, he pulled out all stops in his recently released The Precontest Bible. More than 475 pages, the book includes some 700 great photos from bodybuilding’s finest lensmen, including IRON MAN’s Bill Comstock, IM contributor Mits Okabe and Jason Mathas. In the format of Bill Pearl’s legendary Keys to the Inner Universe, the manual gives you the straight and narrow from the game’s biggest stars.

I’m impressed. And the only mistake I noticed was the listing of Shawn Ray at 5’7 1/2′ instead of the 5’6′ he stands. Like, he’s 1 1/2 inches taller than Dexter Jackson? That Shawn, always ready to lift one’s spirits.

‘The Precontest Bible is the most complete book ever written on bodybuilding contest preparation,’ says six-time Mr. O Ronnie Coleman. ‘It is totally unique from anything I’ve read and is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who wants to get into incredible shape.’

‘Nuff said. To find out more about the publication, log on to or order from Home Gym Warehouse 1-800-447-0008, also visit

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