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Book Review: Lifelong Fitness 2004

A new book by lifetime bodybuilder Bob Delmonteque?who?s 84 years young

Bob Delmonteque is America's premier senior fitness consultant, a former star bodybuilder and acclaimed physique photographer. Along with his partners, he opened 500 health clubs worldwide. He’s trained the original Apollo astronauts, Hollywood movie legends John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable and contemporary stars like Matt Dillon and Eric Braeden. A longtime member of the Weider Research Clinic and special consultant to Muscle & Fitness magazine, he is also a feature writer for Longevity magazine. He has authored seven books and hundreds of articles on fitness and health.

Bob practices what he preaches, which is evident by the fact that he is arguably the best-built man in the world over 80 years of age. In his lifelong devotion to physical culture he may well have discovered the anti-aging secrets of the 21st century. He’s sculpted a body that would be the envy of any average man in his 20s. Three photos on the back cover of Lifelong Fitness 2004 show that he looks better at 80 than he did at age 27.

Caught up in their accomplishments and championship physiques, many competitive bodybuilders never give thought to the day they will hang up their posing trunks. Some maintain a good physique with regular exercise, while many go the way of most ex-athletes’with expanding waistlines and accumulating excess bodyfat due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition.

Delmonteque presents scientific fitness procedures based on his more than 60 years as a bodybuilder/physical culturist that can help everyone stay healthy and fit. We can all learn from the master. Think about it’do you know anyone else in his 80s who runs marathons, cycles 120 miles, can bench-press 250 pounds and has a terrific physique as well?

Lifelong Fitness 2004 is a book that everyone’regardless of age’should have for its extremely valuable information on maintaining excellent health and fitness and a well-toned, shapely physique. You may think you don't need Delmonteque’s information now, but it can help you avoid mistakes that can come back with a vengeance to damage your health when you reach age 50, 60 or more. Delmonteque presents a detailed guide to help everyone grow younger as he or she grows older. He outlines complete exercise programs for men and women and reveals health secrets and nutritional procedures that will help you attain and maintain optimum health, fitness and longevity. Many of the 140 photographs in the book were taken by noted physique photographers Robert Reiff, Chris Lund and Bill Dobbins.

There are hundreds of books on every aspect of muscle building, but this one stands alone in promoting anti-aging and lasting good health and fitness. Always remember, ‘To lose wealth is to lose much; to lose health is to lose all.’

Editor’s note: Lifelong Fitness 2004 is available from Home Gym Warehouse. Call (800) 447-0008 or visit Also visit

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