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Electrify Your Body?s Ability to Adapt, Recover, Recuperate and Grow

When you do resistance training, you actually break down and damage muscle cells, muscle fibers and tissue. After working out, your body regenerates cells and adapts to the stress of training by growing stronger and more muscular. Your body doesn’t grow while training; however, training is essential to force the body to grow while it recuperates.

Recuperation’now, there’s a concept. When you think about the way the muscle-building/strength-enhancing process occurs, it becomes clear that to get the physique you want’the 18-, 19- or 20-inch arms with all the trimmings (muscular legs, chest, back, delts and so on)’you need to focus on recovering from workouts. How much do you need to focus on recovery? Even more than you focus on training. I know this is a new concept for most people, but if you want to make the fastest gains of your life, it’s one you must become intimately familiar with.

Fact is, you spend a lot more time recovering than training. That means that if you learn to optimize your recovery, you’ll finally start adding pure muscle in the next few months. But if you don’t take advantage of the great potential of proper recovery, not only will you be relegated to slow or no gains but you’ll also likely end up going backward’regardless of how hard and consistently you train.

Okay, so now it should be abundantly clear that if you’re interested in adding serious muscle mass, your recovery from training has got to be fast and furious. The question is, How do you recover quickly and completely after intense training sessions to maximize muscle growth and strength increases?

Don’t overtrain, eat right and get plenty of rest’thank you, good night. You’ve been a great audience. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitresses and bartenders. Come on. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.

Now, it’s true that you need to make sure not to overtrain. You’ve got to exert yourself in the gym without overdoing it. Workouts should last no more than an hour, and you shouldn’t train any bodypart more than twice a week. But you already know about training. That’s more of a reminder.

Diet? Well, make sure you get at least one to two grams of protein per pound of bodyweight a day. Usually carbs and fats will take care of themselves in a normal diet. As for rest, try to get seven or eight hours of sleep a night.

But enough of that crap. How about the secret to rapid recovery and gaining muscle and strength at the speed of light? I thought you’d never ask. An amazing new patent-pending technology dramatically increases your body’s ability to adapt and recover from high-intensity weight training. The breakthrough product is called Bolt from SAN.

Bolt’s stack of potent compounds accelerates muscle and strength gains, minimizes muscle breakdown while simultaneously speeding recovery time and greatly enhances protein synthesis and the absorption and delivery of anabolic nutrients.

You read that right: anabolic, which means to add muscle. Bolt takes advantage of a new approach to anticatabolism, which means it prevents muscle breakdown and the resultant delay of recuperation. Yes, Bolt does all that and more. So let’s find out what’s in it and how it works. Bolt contains two important compounds:

a) Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix

b) Dicreatine-HMB

The Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix (bodybuilding’s version of the NBA’s all-star Western Conference starting five) has specific ingredients designed to maximize recuperation and growth, a dream team consisting of putrescine dihydrochloride, trimethylglycine, S-adenosyl-l-methionone and alanylglutamine dipeptide. Don’t worry about memorizing the names. There won’t be a test; however, you’ll be giving yourself a grade later. If you want an A, you need to understand how the compounds work and how they help you explode with new ripped, muscle mass.

Redefining the Genetic Code

We begin with putrescine dihydrochloride. The name itself sounds pretty gross’almost putrid, ya know? Get past it. You’ve heard of the amino acids arginine and ornithine, which trainees have used for years to attempt to enhance recovery. The thing is, those aminos convert to something in the body. And guess what that is: putrescine. When you cut out the middlemen and deliver a pure, pharmaceutical source of putrescine, your body gets the key component it needs to make cells regenerate and grow. And when cells regenerate and grow, your muscles become huge and ripped’and incredibly powerful.

Think about this: People take GH to get IGF-1. It’s not the GH that has the effect but the IGF-1 converted from GH. Well, taking putrescine eliminates the need for the conversion of arginine or ornithine. You get the ingredient directly so your body can utilize it for faster gains.

Putrescine helps the transfer from DNA to RNA and the growth of all cells. (Hey, I know these are some pretty heavy concepts, but stay with me.) The reconfiguration of DNA to RNA is how protein synthesis occurs, and optimized protein synthesis makes you gain muscle quickly. Furthermore, putrescine practically programs the proper DNA to reach damaged muscle cells so they regenerate and enlarge.

Think about the character Wolverine from ‘X-Men.’ When he’s injured in a fight, he heals himself by regenerating the bodypart and cells that were damaged. Putrescine helps your damaged muscle cells and tissue in much the same way. It senses the damaged muscle cells and goes directly to them to repair and regrow, and your muscles adapt quickly by becoming larger and stronger.

Putrescine is considered a polyamine, which is a nitrogenous compound essential for growth and regeneration of all cells, specifically muscle cells. Once in the body putrescine converts to spermidine, then to spermine, each of which is also a polyamine. If you’re attempting to recover and grow after intense training sessions, you must supply your body with high amounts of these polyamines. The body can get small amounts of them from the foods you eat, specifically meat, milk and eggs, but relying on diet to deliver adequate polyamines is like relying on a brownnose to cover for you while you ditch work. ALL The more you stress your body’e.g., in a grueling workout’the more polyamines you need. So to stimulate muscle growth and repair damaged muscle tissues, you need to supplement with a pure putrescine source, which is found only in SAN’s Bolt. It’s like first aid for your damaged muscle cells. You get instant treatment for cell recovery and generation, minimize muscle breakdown and greatly enhance protein synthesis. That means you get bigger and more powerful after every workout. No more guessing if your physique is moving forward. It will finally be obvious to you and everyone else.

Whew! That’s just one ingredient. The potency of this formula is off the scale.

A word more about how Bolt affects the role of polyamines in muscle growth and strength increase. Instead of just hoping for putrescine to convert in the body, SAN included S-adenosyl-l-methionone (also known as SAMe) in the formula.

Now, SAMe has many positive properties, but for our purposes none is more important than the way it optimizes assimilation and conversion of putrescine to spermidine, then spermine. Boosted by SAMe and trimethylglycine, or TMG, the precursor to SAMe, putrescine imparts its potent cell-regeneration effects, increasing protein synthesis and preventing muscle-cell breakdown.

The Methylation Revelation

Now for a closer look at TMG, which is next in Bolt’s Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix. The name of the substance isn’t important, but what it does is. TMG is commonly added to food for poultry and pigs to increase tissue growth with less feed. That makes it an obvious boon to hard-training bodybuilders. (TMG also fights off certain diseases and has powerful antioxidant properties, but I realize you’re probably only concerned with how big and ripped it will make you. Hey, I don’t blame you.)

Numerous processes in the body require donors from methyl groups. A methyl group is a molecule made up of one carbon atom and three hydrogen atoms, annotated by organic chemists as CH3. For the body to synthesize protein and turn it into muscle mass, it needs to assimilate methionine, the first amino acid in protein synthesis. Under normal conditions the body assimilates methionine through the conversion of (you guessed it) methyl donors.

The body can access some methyl groups, which are found in foods or are present in the body. Natural methylation, or the modification of a molecule that happens when a methyl group is added to it, influences levels of s-adenosyl-l-methionine (SAMe), which protects the liver from excessive stress and acts as a natural antidepressant. To absorb and assimilate protein for anabolic purposes, however, your body needs a surplus of available methyl donors. And when there aren’t enough methyl donors available, important cells can be destroyed’bad news if you want more muscle.

The average pencil-neck’s steady diet of junk food and beer gives him all the methyl donors he needs to maintain a sloppy, flabby physique. But if you’re a serious bodybuilder working hard for every ounce of new muscle, you need the powerful and essential methyl donors found in TMG.

Perfection is Attention to Detail

Bolt’s Myoxx Cellular Duplicating Matrix also contains the amino acid peptide alanyl-L-glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. Along with alanine it accounts for 80 percent of the amino acids released from skeletal muscle. It supports powerful anabolic and anticatabolic action.

Glutamine is synthesized and stored in skeletal muscle. If you don’t have adequate levels of glutamine, the stress of weight training will steal it from your skeletal muscle stores. That means you’ll lose muscle mass when you train. But you can easily overcome that by taking supplemental glutamine. If you’re interested in building a lot of ripped mass and hanging on to it, you need to keep a constant supply of glutamine in your body. When you train hard, L-glutamine becomes an essential amino acid and must be supplied in order to prevent breakdown of muscle tissue and immune dysfunction. If you don’t feed your body glutamine, catabolism will cannibalize your muscle, and you’ll be much more susceptible to illness. But any old glutamine won’t do. The body doesn’t easily absorb glutamine; nor is it stable. So you won’t benefit from glutamine’s power unless you use the right form.

The solubility of glutamine in water is an important index of its potency. Peter Fuerst, a German scientist, was one of the first to measure the solubility of regular glutamine and came up with 36 grams of glutamine for every liter of liquid. That was compared with several different glutamine emulsions, such as glycyl-l-glutamine, acetyl-l-glutamine and finally alanyl-l-glutamine, which are all short-chain peptides. The results were quite astounding: Alanyl-l-glutamine (the one in Bolt’s Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix) was found to be almost 1,700 percent more soluble than regular glutamine’a truly groundbreaking technological advance.

Chemically bonding alanine and glutamine creates a dipeptide. That’s important because dipeptide formation greatly increases the solubility and stability of the two compounds that bind in the process. It’s very cutting edge’manipulating glutamine peptides is primarily used in medicine to treat victims suffering from such traumas as severe burns, infections and cancer. (People affected by those medical conditions experience high levels of catabolism and weakened immune system function.)

SAN has incorporated this innovative technology into Bolt to deliver ample amounts of alanine and glutamine as efficiently as possible. Your body gets what it needs from alanine and glutamine so you’ll recover quickly after intense training sessions and shove vital amino acids into muscle tissue for rapid muscle and strength gains.

Rounding out Bolt’s Myoxx Cellular Duplicating Matrix is 3-guanidino propionic acid. 3GPA was introduced to the bodybuilding world with SAN’s advanced insulin-response system product Loaded. It’s not enough to supply the body with key substrates; you also need to deliver them where they need to go’in the case of the Myoxx Cellular Duplicating Matrix, that’s intact and to the muscle cells so they can be properly utilized. Rolling the dice on whether those key compounds get absorbed doesn’t cut it. You want loaded dice, ones that are guaranteed to finish in the money every time. 3-GPA ensures that all the nutrients in Bolt are delivered exactly where they need to be in the most efficient and advantageous manner possible.

3-GPA acts as an insulin sensitizer without the use of carbohydrates, which means it accelerates the transport of glycogen and insulin in the body.1 It’s like the fullback leading a running back into the end zone for a touchdown against the goal-line defense. Instead of getting tackled for a loss, 3-GPA guarantees a score by transporting all the nutrients in the Myoxx Cellular Duplicating Matrix into the muscles for growth, regeneration, preservation and duplication.

So much for the Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix portion of SAN’s revolutionary new Bolt, but we’re not quite done with its potent anabolic and anticatabolic effects. You’re no doubt familiar with both creatine and HMB. Well, forget what you knew about either, because it’s irrelevant. As is always the case, SAN’s experts discover not only the newest and most potent compounds but also better versions and combinations of supplements that have already hit the market.

Dicreatine-HMB is no exception. A creatine salt is much more than just creatine. It is one of the few completely soluble versions of creatine, so it’s absorbed by practically everyone who uses it. That means the creatine, which is supposed to volumize muscle cells, actually gets inside the cells. HMB, a metabolite of the amino acid leucine, first made its appearance on the bodybuilding scene about 10 years ago. It was touted as the first nonsteroid supplement that could truly minimize muscle breakdown and rejuvenate damaged muscle cells. It was a staggering breakthrough at the time because the concept of anticatabolism was becoming widely understood as a key to muscle growth. Until then the buildup of muscle (anabolism) was considered the only way to increase mass and strength. Anticatabolism, or the prevention of muscle breakdown, had finally come to the fore of devising a plan to gain muscle and strength.

Even so, HMB, which not only works but works well, never really caught on. That’s because nobody was using enough of it. To make HMB truly effective, you need between five and 10 grams per day. Nobody was taking anywhere near that much, so nobody was benefiting from HMB’s potency.

Now, after almost 10 years of experimentation, we know that HMB in higher doses prevents muscle breakdown while simultaneously regenerating duplicating cells.2 When that happens, your body will recover more quickly because it’s not suffering as much damage as it would without HMB’s protective properties. It helps repair the damage that occurs during workouts, so you recuperate quickly, which enhances and accelerates growth. Dicreatine-HMB covalently bonds creatine and HMB in a molecular ratio that prevents each substance from rapidly degrading in the body, a big problem for all versions except SAN’s. What’s more, both substances are more bioavailable in the Bolt formulation; usually very little active ingredient is ever absorbed.

What happens with Bolt’s Dicreatine-HMB is that once the two compounds are in the bloodstream, they split and accomplish their goals. HMB’s purpose is to simulate cell repair by regenerating and rejuvenating damaged muscle cells while minimizing cell damage.3 Creatine volumizes the rejuvenated cells to increase muscle size, strength and endurance for coming workouts.

Bolt give you a multipronged approach to getting huge and strong. With the combination of the Myoxx Cell Duplicating Matrix and Dicreatine-HMB you get several of the world’s most powerful compounds working together to duplicate and regenerate damaged muscle cells to speed recovery and recuperation. Meanwhile your muscles are protected from breakdown, and protein synthesis is significantly enhanced. That adds up to a new, huge, shredded physique that will continue to grow bigger and stronger on two conditions:

1) You keep training hard with consistency.

2) You use Bolt every day immediately after training to optimize recovery and cell regeneration.

Bolt is the first and only supplement of its kind, heading an entirely new category. You can get in on the ground floor of what’s sure to be the most copied bodybuilding formula since the introduction of the meal replacement. Hear me now and believe me later: When you let Bolt work its magic and are ‘properly pumped up,’ the physique of your dreams will be a reality.


1 Vaillancourt, V.A., et al. (2001). Synthesis and biological activity of aminoguanidine and diaminoguanidine analogues of the antidiabetic/antiobesity agent 3-guanidinopropionic acid. J Med Chem. 44:1231-1248.
2 Panton, L.B., et al. (2000). Nutritional supplementation of the leucine metabolite beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (hmb) during resistance training. Nutrition. 16(9):734-9.
3 Jowko, E., et al. (2001). Creatine and beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) additively increase lean body mass and muscle strength during a weight-training program. Nutrition. 17(7-8):558-66.

Editor’s note: Get one big canisters of SAN’s Bolt for only $69.95 (you save $30). Call 1-800-667-4626 and ask for the IRONMAN Research Team Bolt Special. IM

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