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Bob Kennedy in Late Stages of Lung Cancer

www.ironmanmagazine.comThe following information about Robert Kennedy’s health comes directly from his wife, Tosca Reno. Everyone say a prayer for Robert, a true legend in the industry and one of the sport’s greatest contributors in a variety of facets.

“This is a sad, sad time for our family, and for all of us, but I wanted to let you know about Bob’s health. Despite his and all of our greatest efforts to fight lung cancer, it now appears that he will not be successful with his treatments, and unfortunately his condition is terminal. At this point, we do not know how long he has, but we don’t think it is very long. He was able to meet with Arnold yesterday for a couple of hours, which was an inspiration to Bob in this difficult time. It was nice to see the sparkle in Bob’s blue eyes once again. The two legends even flexed!

“We will soon be losing a wonderful person, father, great leader and inspiration for both the Company and this industry at large. However, Bob’s life’s work, dedication and impact on bodybuilding, fitness and health and the support and inspiration to 10’s of millions of people will continue through all of you.

“Your continued thoughts and prayers are appreciated beyond words.”

Tosca Reno

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