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Blue Christmas

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It’s 8:30 in the evening on Christmas, and my thoughts have shifted to the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan still sit alone in their individual cells.

Hard to believe it was two years ago this month that Titus and Ryan were apprehended near Boston, Massachusetts, and eventually charged with the murder of their friend, Melissa James. For those not following the dragged out case, Craig and Kelly are not due back in court until April 17; the trial is scheduled to begin on June 2. (log on to for in-depth and updated coverage of the case).

In a bit of irony, Judge Jackie Glass, who will supervise the Titus/Ryan case, has recently been named as presiding judge in the O.J. Simpson trial.

homegym_1980_55782160.gifI’ve been on both Court TV and “Geraldo” to supposedly give my impressions of what Craig and Kelly were really like, more than to give my viewpoint as to what really took place. For those who saw the “Geraldo” segment, you know I didn’t get more than 15 seconds to say much of anything (Isaac, no need to bring up the biceps bands curling segment that was featured on the latter—I know I’m the real “Leader of the Bands”). I’m interviewed throughout the book, “Killer Bodies,” written by Michael Fleeman. The paperback has been out for a few months if you’re interested in its contents.

This space isn’t intended so much as to give my opinion as to what really happened in this sad mess. I have my own viewpoint on how Melissa died, just like most of you do, but that’s for a jury to decide. I’m not sure even Craig and Kelly really know (that’s another story I may get into down the road). We all do recognize, however, that her body was found in the trunk of Kelly’s burned out Jaguar in the middle of the desert. And that Craig, Kelly and an acquaintance, Anthony Gross, were responsible for putting her in the back of the car and setting it on fire.

blt-titus03.jpgNo, this is about how the whole damn thing is such a tragedy, for all people involved, no matter what the truth may be. Gone is a 28-year-old female most of us in the industry knew little about. The lives of her family have been terribly affected forever.
Same goes for Craig, Kelly and their families. Kelly’s mother died about a year ago from a heart attack while Ryan sat in the cell, alone. Many close to the family say it was a broken heart that sealed her fate. No matter how the trial ends up, there will be no winners, only losers.

For Craig Titus, Kelly Ryan, Maura James (Melissa’s mother) and so many others connected to this still odious tale, it has been another blue Christmas.

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