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Recent studies show that as far as fat gain goes, it doesn’t matter if you get your calories during the day or at night. That may be true as long as the calorie count is the same. Getting most of your calories at night, however, has been shown to increase ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger, by nightfall the next day. The result is that you tend to binge at night, a time when you expend the least energy, and that can cause more fat deposition. In the morning you aren’t hungry, so your body burns muscle tissue. You don’t get famished again until the evening hours, when you binge and store more bodyfat. Back-loading most of your calories at night is a sure way for most people to burn muscle and pack on fat. Eat less at night and spread your calories throughout the day. And if you’re training hard, don’t forget to include protein in every meal. IM

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