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Bigger, Stronger Arms the Poliquin Way

Poliquin Bigger Stronger ArmsCharles Poliquin is a popular IRON MAN columnist for good reason: He writes with passion, humor and knowledge. The man has designed workouts for Olympic medalists in 17 different sports as well as pros in the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. To top it off, Coach Poliquin has an impressive set of guns himself. That’s the cred that demands respect in bodybuilding circles.

So why another book on building arms? Well, next to abs, they’re the most popular bodypart. As Poliquin says in the intro, “This book provides you with not only the necessary training information to develop arms that are as strong as they look, but other subjects that are necessary to enable you to fulfill your physical potential. Topics such as goal setting and injury prevention and nutrition and supplements.”

While the book is divided into chapters, it’s really a series of 57 tips, tricks and secrets for building “bone-crushing pythons”—that would be giant arms. Poliquin tells you how to take measurements; how to coax, not force, the arm muscles into strength gains; the importance of dumbbell work and the best exercises; cocking the wrist; unilateral moves; why seated curls are better than standing; preexhaustion and postexhaustion; functional isometrics; the one-day arm cure; and much, much more.

As you might expect, the book contains a number of excellent arm-building routines you can try for new size—and it’s in full color. It’s truly a book you’ll go back to again and again. I give it a definite two -biceps-up—both better now than before I read the book.

Editor’s note: Bigger, Stronger Arms the Poliquin Way is available at, or call (800) 447-0008.

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